Cities on Flame  

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5/9/2006 8:48 pm

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Cities on Flame

The sky is red I don't understand past midnight I still see the land. People are saying the woman is damned, she makes you burn with a wave of her hand. The cities on flame the towns on fire, the womans flames are reaching higher. We were fools we called her a liar, all I hear is burn.
If I've heard one song about a demon sorceress I've heard em all. Real fire and destruction await us all if we allow Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the regime in Iran to gain access to nuclear weapons. He stands ready to martyr an entire nation to resolve a petty squabble that is 2000 years old.
They make clear and unveiled threats and then turn and take action to develope the weapons neccessary to carry out those threats. Unlike our current conflict where no threats were made and no weapons exist, this threat is real. The life we have here in America is to precious to lose for the sake of some hate filled zealot. More than any issue this one is of paramount importance for us all.
Then we can go back to fucking like bunnies.
art by Wolverton

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