A picture is worth a thousand words  

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A picture is worth a thousand words

I never knew my Grand Father very well, even though we went fishing more than once. Grand Dad would drink like he had something to forget. After my Grand Mother died we were just throwing out old pictures that no longer had any meaning to us. Many pictures were of the war in the pacific, I saved as many as I could. By looking at the numbers on the LST's (landing ships) then cross referencing the various D Days they served. I was able to deduce that Gramps was at Guadalcanal, New Britain, Kwajalein, and Leyte Gulf. These were horrible places of intense destruction. On Kwajalein they were handing out Congressional Medals of Honor like gum drops. Guys jumping on a grenade to save their buddies happened all the time.
Seeing how Grand Father was changed by his experience I wonder how damaged the kids coming back from the gulf are. This type of experience damages your spirit, and even though I hate the war, I really feel for those that must live through it. Semper Fi
My next blog I am going to write something erotic, with a midget in a clown suit and a whip, with lots of scantily clad girls running in fear. just kidding Bye.

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