I've been told off...hehehe  

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3/20/2006 7:11 pm

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I've been told off...hehehe


I had my blog Screened..now thats a first..so much for free speech guys!!
Anyway for those who missed it, i just let off a little steam

Now i'm over it I'd like to share something...

I was surfing the blogs the other day and run across some excellent pieces on women..of course written by women as the best articles are..
How to find the G spot, what not to do on a date, the 10 worst pick-up lines,the clitoral orgasm.etc.etc.etc. and then it suddenly dawned on me that somewhere along the way "Men" have been forgotten! We have been streotyped into being fumbling, heartless, over anxious insensitive males who need to be educated on how to satisfy a woman! Huh!

I must admit that over the years since puberty I have been on an amazing journey of discovery, learning to understand and satisfy women. During this search I have it said on countless occasions that I was a great lover?? Sorry I just thought I was a normal sensitive guy!
I have however come to the conclusion that to fully satisfy a woman is something that just cannot be done..perhaps in the short term, yes..

But how can one satisfy a woman when she never really knows what she wants?

She's often riding the waves of hormonal and menstural change and this must surely be a less than satisfactory platform from which to launch an unabridged list of her wants and needs...isn't it?

On the other hand a man is driven by testosterone, the need for "immediate" gratification..Medically he has to cum before the women, which greatly increase her chances of conception..(as the cervix greedily dips & drinks from the pool of semen during her orgasm).

So girls, spare a thought for your men and lets not be so selfish out there!

It's an absolute gift to be able to cum as quickly and as often as you like. For a man it's pure hell sqeezing the buttocks together & thinking of obscure, ambiguous thoughts just to keep from cumming. Whether it be cabbages & rugby, icecream & the beach, or remembering how your partners sports shoes smelt that morning..it's just much harder than you think being a guy!

So the next time you're with a man, how about giving him a relaxing massage, extended foreplay and just let him cum for his own sake...

Come on, we're lovely and we deserve it!

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