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La Cita - English more chapters

Chapter 3 La Cita

As we collapsed in the floor of the shower with the warm water splashing on us my mind was blank for a short period of time and then questions started coming to haunt me.
“Of all the women I have known, a not inconsiderable number, never had one affected me quite like you have and I kept asking myself why. Yes, she is pretty, there is no denying that. But the world is full of pretty girls and I have been able to have my share. So it had to be more than that. You are a woman with a limited independent nature, and I like that. You are unusually bright and witty, and that counted in your favor. But again, I have known witty, semi independent, pretty women in the past, and they had not completely disrupted my thinking as you have. What is it about you that intrigued me so?” I smiled to myself. “Perhaps this is the thing that poets wrote about. Only a poet with a great command of the language could express the inexpressible or fathom the unfathomable. Why had she called ‘bitch’, and why had I responded so to it?”
All of this was beyond my power to understand, but I knew without a doubt that I am deeply in love with her. Head over heels in love. “Damn, how did this happen so fast?”
Slowly we got up off of the floor, turned the water off, and then embraced letting our tongues tenderly and lovingly express our feelings in each other’s mouths.
As we finished in the bathroom you walked into the bedroom turning off the one small light. Now only the moon light shone through the windows as you turned down the covers on the bed. The thoughts racing through your mind were various but pertained to only one subject. “Is he mad with me for calling him a ‘bitch’? How could I have done and said that? God, I hope he does not get dressed and leave. What do I say to him now? How do I keep his attention and keep him for me?”
As I walked from the bathroom you turned and came toward me with a look of concern on your exquisite face with those alluring, sumptuous, and appetizing tetas with erect nipples staring at me. The forest above your very happy pussy was as alluring as you took one of my hands and led me directly to the bed thus preventing any “escape” on my part.
We lay in the bed nude with you inside of my arm with your head resting on my chest and one of your legs laid over mine in silence. For me it was very comfortable and loving even though I sensed a slight anxiety from you. I bent my head over and kissed your forehead as I gently gave a hug with my arm. You respond instantly by using the arm lying over my chest to hug me and you seemed to relax a little. “What is bothering or worrying you my dear?” I asked.
“I want you, in fact I think and feel that I, for reasons I do not now fully understand, love you.” You say in a hushed tentative low voice.
“I know what you are saying. I also know in my heart, with only a few reservations, that I am totally in love with you.” I said in a soft voice.
“It is those reservations that worry and scare me because I think I might be responsible for some of them” you say in a voice that is not full of confidence.
“How so my love” I ask.
Because I called you a bitch when I was so wanting to orgasm” you reply.
I chuckled and then said “Have you ever been with a woman and in particular a woman who would service you in anyway? In fact, have you ever fantasized being with a woman?”
“No, I have never been with any woman. I have thought about it a few times but it was never a strong desire of mine. We all have fantasies and I do not know what happened to me in the shower, but your touch and actions were so sensitive and knowing that it just came out” you say in a firmer voice.
“Well my love, you should not worry about this. In fact after being a little stunned, I was flattered but wondered why you said this. Are there any other things that you have dreamed, or thought about, that you have never done?” I said as I gave you a reassuring hug and again kissed your forehead.
“Yes there are several but I don’t know you well enough to tell you and in addition, if we have a chance of becoming a loving and devoted couple, I do not want to lose this opportunity” you reply.
“So, both of us have some secret sexual desires. I also have a few things that I like that I am also scared to talk with you about. The problem that we both have is that a loving, caring, and lasting relationship can not be built on lies and unfilled sexual desires or needs. In addition, I have some non-sexual questions unanswered that will determine how far and how fast we take this relationship of five hours forward as I am sure you do” I said as I gave you another hug.
“How tired are you my love? Should we talk now or in the morning?” you ask.
“I am not a young man and I am very exhausted from the full day of work and all of this time spent together. However, I am also old enough to know that a loving and compassionate couple should never go to sleep with unsettled matters. It is never the same in the morning. I suggest we talk about the things other than sexual first because if we go past these, then we both will have more confidence to discuss the sexual items” I say in a soft voice.
“I want a man who is a complete lover, a true friend in good and bad times, a constant companion, my total confidant and who will never lie to me. A man who respects his family and home without exception and is completely faithful to me and our marriage” you say as you give me another hug. “How do you feel about these things?”
“Before I answer you directly let me tell you what I want in the woman who would become my life long wife. Then you can compare what I say and see if it fits what you desire and want in a man. When I am done, there is only one word you need to say that would commit us. For me, I must be the “Papi” or I will not be the husband. I want a “Nina”, that wonderful word when used in the adult sense, that covers so many magnificent things from a thinking Lady in the parlor and in public to a total prostitute with me in the bedroom or on a counter of the kitchen, the shower in the bathroom, or the back seat of a car. “Nina” a devoted Lady who has no limits or restrictions sexually with me and in every sense is a complete lover, friend, companion, and confidant. “Nina”, a Lady who is enormously happy being female and enjoys being female exclusive of limits or hesitation. “Nina” the wonderful gift, given by an exclusive group of very special women that understand how to keep and maintain their man in a state other women can not comprehend or compete with. My instincts tell me that you are going to be very happy, content, and devoted as my “Nina”.
“This level includes us to admitting and committing our love for each other and to present our love to the world?”
I said, “Yes”.
“I, without hesitation, want to become your only Nina, committing fully to it, if you will just say the word to me and answer a question for me” you say looking directly and penetratingly into my eyes.
I ask, “Are you fully committed to becoming my only ‘Nina’, my limitless bitch and prostitute, and absolutely fulfilling all of my wants and desires and forever forsaking all other men?”
“Yes, I am and will,” you respond letting me see in your eyes your heart and soul, “providing that you will accept and commit to all of the responsibility of being my ‘Papi’ and ‘Owner’ forsaking all other women forever?”, you asked with a penetrating look into my eyes as you take my penis and balls in your hand holding them and squeezing them just tight enough that I know you have control of them, as sneaky smile comes across your face. You then say to me “May I now call you Papi?”
I reply, “Yes, always without exception, as I expect and require it. I will always refer to you as ‘Nina’ which you will know refers to my total commitment and respect for you.”
“Papi, for me the word ‘Papi’ has the same meaning to me as ‘Owner’ as you are the Owner of my heart, head, body and soul and have the responsibility for protecting, providing, and being faithful to me forever. I will always be at your side helping you in anyway I can and being here for you but never being in competition with you as the man in my life,” you say in a soft and sincere voice.
“Yes my Nina,” I say as I reach and take you into my arms and planting a deep loving kiss on you. You responded with equal enthusiasm with your warm wet inviting mouth as you push those wonderful tits against me.
As our kissed ended you say to me, “Oh Papi I am so happy! I will be the best Lady, lover, friend, bitch, prostitute, companion, and confidant and you will never want for anything with me as your Nina!”
“I gladly and happily accept this responsibility my Nina” I say looking directly and deeply into your eyes.
“Papi, I am so happy and comfortable to be your ‘Nina’ in total aspects.
“Are you as happy my Nina as I am?
“Now, Papi, we are both free to discuss all of our needs, desires, and sexual wants without fear because all limitations or hesitations have been eliminated by our full and life long commitment to each other to fill those. You are going to be surprised when I tell you what I have wanted to do at times!
“Is it necessary to tell me tonight Nina? I am so tired, and in truth surprised, that in less then six hours I have gone from being a free man to a man committed totally and completely to one woman for the rest of my life. Let’s go to sleep”.
You reach over and placed your hot mouth on mine with those lips so juicy, wet, and wild and then whisper, as you come up for air, “Papi, I want to fuck your ass until you beg for mercy making you my prostitute!” With that you put your mouth fully on mine before I could make a comment.
Ok Nina, now please let us go to sleep.
Never in my life had I ever slept so peacefully and contented as I did that night.

Chapter 4 of the Cita

I slept so deeply and contented I did not know anything until after the sun had come up the next morning. When I woke up I found that I could not move and as my eyes opened I see you standing beside the bed with nothing on except a black bra that is a bra only in name covered by a short red t a garter belt with nylons on your legs and sexy four inch heels. This “bra” does not cover your breasts, but simply has straps that encircle your tits next to your ribs. Your ripe melons are completely exposed and on each nipple is a clamp with a string type decoration hanging down that swings as you move.
My arms and feet are tied to each corner of the bed with a soft silky material. The first thought that goes through my mind is “My God!” The second thought is that just twelve hours ago I was a “free man” and now I am subject to your whims and desires which could prove very interesting.
You come over to the bed and put the other pillow under my head. You then start a show strip tease, kind of an erotic dance and remove the red teddy. Then you climbed upon the bed and came up to me slowly and kissed my mouth, simply focusing on kissing me as your one of your hands strokes my face the other hand is holding the back of my head. You slowly started massaging my head and proceed to start kissing my face, kissing and nibbling my ear. You whisper something sexy, blow your hot breath on my ear and slowly lick my ear; all of the folds and the outside. You then roll your tongue and penetrate my ear canal, lightly humming as you do. You are so close to my eardrum that I feel the vibrations of your mouth and tongue.
You then exit, kissing your way as you back out, and lick the outside of my ear and behind it as you continue stroking my head and face. Then you started to kiss down my neck as your hand moves to rub and stroke my chest. The kissing continues down my neck to my chest.
My mind is going crazy but the main thought is “My God, this is a real dedicated and sensuous Nina.
As you kiss my chest and find one of my erect nipples you are licking and flicking it with your wet and warm tongue as you now are stroking and rubbing my arms. You are licking my nipples like a cat with the flat of your tongue and then proceed down to my groin and kiss all around my cock without touching it. You do not want to touch it as you want me to wait, and wait a long wait as you want to build the excitement and passion in me.
You kiss down one leg, kissing down the inside and blowing you warm breathe after each kiss while at the same time massaging and rubbing the other leg. Your kissing continues down to my feet where you use the fingers of both hands to massage my feet as I watch with intense desire. While massaging one foot with your hand you take each individual toe into your hot moist mouth and lick and roll them. As you come to my big toe you take it and pretend to be giving it a blow job as if it were my penis.
My flaccid penis is starting to rise to the occasion and my breathing becomes more rapid as I think that I must be the luckiest man in the world to have a fabulous Nina that is this talented who is all mine.
Then you hover over my foot and press your breasts around it having my foot fuck your breasts. I watch as your breasts swallow up my foot with your warm moist cleavage as they suck it in and overwhelm it. You continue to pretend to fuck my foot with your tits as I notice that your breathing has increased also.
You start this whole process again but from the top. You want so much to kiss my mouth, to focus on the kissing with our tongues dancing with each other. Sensing, from your actions along with a sweet sexual aroma in the air, that you are very wet and have become very excited I tell you that I want just a taste of your pussy. I want to lick it. Without saying a word you get on your knees, one on each side of me, and lower your body down to my face for me to lick your very wet, sweet, and fragrant cunt.
With one hand on the bed to stabilize yourself you take the other hand and unfold the swollen lips of you pussy so that my tongue can effortlessly go to your enlarged clitoris. Your clitoris is so impatient to have me lick it and you realize how extraordinary the sensations are, and how much you like it that you start to have a mini orgasm as your mind tells you that I really enjoy tasting you.
Oh my Nina, you little seductress, you are not done with me. You then move your knees away from my face and kiss me all the way down again until you have reached my groin. You lick and kiss everywhere except my cock and large, heavy, huevitos. I am so hard and am pulsating beyond your belief as you work your way down my legs to my feet massaging, kissing, and blowing your warm breathe all the way. You suck all of my toes again as I watch in amazement as once more you fuck my foot with your breasts. You seem to enjoy the sensation of smothering my foot in your warm and moist breasts.
You kiss and blow your warm breath your way up the inside of my legs until you reach my cock. You want to save that for last as I am so very hard and erect with it lying against my stomach inviting you to partake. You find my heavy and large balls and lick each separately back and forth rolling them around. Then you take each one in your mouth and gently suck and massage them with your active tongue. I can not stand the pressure and beg you to suck my cock, but no, you want to torture your Papi and drag this out in slow motion.
With what started out as your bright red lips, covered with gloss, you lightly flick your tongue on the head of my cock, and then kiss just the head. Your tongue circles the head softly and slowly as you then put, for the first time this morning, your warm hands around it feeling its girth and feeling it throbbing and aching to be passionately sucked. My eyes are intensely watching you, eager to see the exact moment when you will swallow me in your hot, wet, desirable red mouth. You are savoring the moment before you put me into your mouth and pretend that it is an ice cream cone melting. With this you lick my shaft with a full flat tongue, up and down moving around the shaft driving your Papi to heights of delight.
As you hold my cock you lick the head again very softly getting it nice and wet and then blow your warm breath on it. To my surprise you reach to the small table beside the bed and get a cinnamon mint, putting it in your mouth to let it melt. While it is melting both of your hands come to me breasts and pinch and pull on my nipples. After the mint has melted partially, you put the balance of the mint under your tongue and suddenly go down completely on my cock. Your mouth is very hot now from the spice of the mint and I can feel the bite of the spice in the temperature of your very hot and wet mouth. Coming up you again lovingly kiss the head of my cock.
I can not believe it. I am not sure what to think. My eyes are wide open, I am grasping for air and the muscles in my body are all drawn tight with the intensity.
Seeing and sensing all of my reactions you then decide to get a winter green mint and repeat the semi melting process as you pinch and pull on my nipples harder than previously. As before when you think the mint has worked in your mouth you take my cock fully into your mouth with a much cooler sensation and it feels so good to my hot and burning penis, or so I think. The shock of the cinnamon to the winter green is like hot to cold. My God, I have never felt anything like it.
But it feels so good! You are now fucking my cock with your mouth, finding that perfect touch that gets my most intense reactions. You are fucking in and out of my mouth with varying degrees of tightness of your lips while depositing a great deal of saliva. Then you start stroking the head of my erection with your tongue, going across the tip of your tongue, flipping it, and coming back across with the underside of your tongue. You are going back and forth and back and forth and every second time swallowing me. I can not take it any more as you continue with this combination until you feel the semen pumping up my cock. I tell you in no uncertain terms that I am going to cum. You say that you want it on your breasts. I am so close that control is no longer an option and I explode all over your chest. I seem to just keep cuming and it feels so awesome to finally have the release of all of this tension. I am completely drained and wiped out from being tied up, the long drawn out seduction, the contrasting mints causing burning and then cooling, your incredible mouth and marvelous tongue action on the head of my cock, that I go completely limp and pass to the heavens.
As I lay there totally exhausted and in the clouds, all I can think is that for one time in my life, I made the correct decision in accepting you as my only Nina and becoming fully responsible as your Papi. While these wonderful thoughts and feelings are passing through my mind you untie my arms and lay beside me, putting your arm over my chest, with a loving and contented look on your face. In a few minutes you get up and go to the refrigerator to get a drink as your mouth is somewhat strained from the long drawn out sensual work it has done to my body and my cock.

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