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La Cita - English

The Appointment / Chapter One
You finally, to my delight, decided to accept my invitation for us to become better friends and to start to know each other. We made the decision to plan meet at a bar with dim lights and slow soft music for romantic dancing. This bar is known for discretion as the couples pay more attention to themselves, than to other couples.
We set the time for 9 o’clock in the evening and you said that you would take a taxi to the bar rather than have me come to get you. You arrived sufficiently late to find me seated at one of the small round tables enjoying vodka. You come into the bar adorned with a black skirt that comes somewhat below your knee with a split up the side almost to your hips, which as you walked, allowed me to see your black stockings and well tuned gorgeous sensual legs. Your blouse is also black with a generous décolleté and after you sit down, I see your very sexy black bra.
You initially smile at me and then have a small smile on you face as you realize that, without planning, we both dressed in black. You looked at me with my black trousers with an opened at the top black shirt. I received you at the table with a kiss on your cheek and you returned the same to me with the equal enthusiasm as I had given to you. Our lips just scarcely touch as we separate.
Our mutual nervousness is evident but while talking and enjoying some adult refreshments we start to relax and become much more comfortable as time passes. When you had sat at the small table, you had crossed your legs under the table. You now move and again cross your legs only this time they are exposed to me and I can not keep my eyes from admiring your rich calves along with the lower part of your thighs. I am almost embarrassed because I am having a hard time keeping my eyes on your face as we talk. In our talking we both learn that we have many mutual interests. After sometime had elapsed you lay your hand, quite naturally and lightly, on my knee. I am so pleased and surprised and as I look into your eyes they tell me you want me to do the same thing.
In a few minutes I leaned over to your ear and told you that for me this night is very opulent and that I would be very charmed to lose my hands under your sexy skirt on those smooth and silky thighs. You simply smile at me and look directly into my passionate eyes. As time passes and we have more adult beverages you now see that on many occasions my eyes are wondering at the site of those marvelous round tetas. Using only your piercing eyes, you ask me with those eyes, “Are you pleased with what you see?”
I do not now retort with words and you are not contented. You wanted to be elated and have me solicit you directly. A few minutes later, as an alternative I respond, “Are you pleased with what you think I am thinking when I see such abounding, substantial and exquisite tetas raising and falling in front of me?”
You simply smile. With that, conscious that it would please you more to hear my words of yearning, I approach your ear and murmur softly, “Unless I am able to put and hold both of them in my hands while with the point of my tongue I begin to slowly delineate, first on the outside and then until I reach your hard pezones and suck on them so very softly and smoothly, I could become a lunatic. I want each of those marvelous melons!” As I murmur this you become aware that my penis is becoming excited for you.
You reach over to answer me, exposing a great deal of cleavage, saying softly and sensually, that I should wait a little while and then I can see and have a great deal more.
With that you take my hand, slightly squeezing it, and raise us to dance to the very smooth music. You put your arms above my shoulders and around my neck with my arms utterly and lovingly embracing your waist. As we dance I place one of my legs in between your thighs and you can resolutely feel my hard penis against your thigh. Squeezing my neck ever so slightly, you use your thigh, with a great deal of discretion and smoothness, to caress my hard penis. With my chest against your rich tetas, which feel as if they have grown hard and firm, our mouths seek with desperation and we begin to kiss with a great deal of passion as our tongues initiate a rich courtship of putting the tongue of each other in shifts of ardent exploration as our bodies embrace with an even superior fervor.
Alter dancing a while so sexily and smoothly we decide to return to our table. You then to go to the bathroom and upon your return you sit down closer to me. It is obvious to me that you have unbuttoned the top two buttons of your blouse presenting a delightful spectacle of those delicious, fabulous, and rich chichas. With that you lean over, putting one of your hands in between my thighs, and say to me, “Before you only saw a little, but I thought that now you would want to admire a great deal more.”
As my eyes return to the much expanded opening of your blouse I do not miss the detail of how much of those fine melons are hiding underneath your sexy bra. I lean over and whisper in your ear, “With so much sensuality being exposed to me I would be totally enthralled to be able to put my hand underneath that sexy skirt and caress those tremendous thighs as my eyes massage the view of those wonderful tetas.”
As time elapses, along with the drinks and the sexy close dancing continues, our euphoria multiplies and our kisses become more prolonged as your hands graze my arms, legs and shoulders and my hands coincidentally graze your tetas. While we are at the table talking, and absorbing the penetration of each others eyes, you asked to be excused and again go to the bathroom. When you return I see that you have removed your stockings exposing your beautiful naked legs that hide under the sexy black skirt that fits so attractively to your waist and thighs. I simply cannot stop admiring these beautiful legs and when you sit down close to me, you cross them with the full intention of exciting me more than what I already am.
With that I simply bring you to me and began to kiss you with a great deal of passion and with no pretense of being an accident my hand begins to caress these rich smooth naked thighs, up and down, with each time proceeding further up as your legs open slightly so that my hand becomes lost among these smooth rich legs as I reach the area of your panties. As my hand again starts an exciting journey to trifle with the edge of your panties, I discover that there are no panties! With my penis now throbbing with desire and pain, I immediately stop kissing you and whisper in your ear, “Mi Love!” You then look me directly in the eyes and sexually say to me, “Would you be enamored and delighted that instead of your hand your face was deep amongst these soft and warm thighs? Needless to say, I was very surprised!
With us already reaching the heights of desire we decided to leave this place, paying the account, and got into my car to go to your house where we should be able to loose all restraints of our passion. What we did not count on was that the two of us are so hot, with my hand submerged under your skirt stroking and massaging your hot and wet panochita and you having unfastened my pants, and now having my hard and juicy cock firmly in your active hand, it was not to be.
Your mind is absorbing all of this and you are so very eager to lick my pre-cum as you watched with great anticipation, mentally begging me to turn my hard majestic cock to your face. The wonder of it all! You have the world right in front of your face and nothing pleases you more. You wanted nothing else and nothing else mattered except us. The outside world was gone as you slowly turned your face as your tongue came around the head of my cock.
Your desire causes you to passionately initiate sucking and licking my juicy and hard cock and my hand goes from caressing your wet pussy to your naked rich buttocks as my fingers slide up and down the line separating you nude buttocks in order to reach your warm inviting ass hole. You are continuously putting my penis in your delicious warm mouth and sucking with passion my bouquet.
Loosing control of my emotions, I decide to stop and park the car in some dark place. As I turn the motor off you rise up and tell me that you want to get into the back seat of the car. As you rise up I lift your skirt to your waist just as you try to transverse to the rear seat. As you upper body leans over the back of the front seat and before you reach your objective my hands seizes your thighs holding you so that only half of you body remains in the front section. Holding you my eyes admire your tremendous fancy, tasty and beautiful anus as I pulled your skirt down removing it and then bury my face in these wonderful buttocks starting to tonguing your ass. Slowly, flickering my tongue in and out of your anus, I am rimming in as you collapse completely with your hair falling roughly all over you. You grow dizzy and faint as I kiss your buttocks. Having the strong scent in my nostrils of your wet cunt I move my face to it as my fingers go directly to your anus starting a gentle probing action. I am teasing your clitoris and sucking your pussy as you are loudly moaning. You say to me, “Eat my Daddy! Eat me Daddy! Do not stop sucking me Daddy!”
Just before your orgasm comes I wet one of my fingers in your pussy, return it to your ass hole and enter smoothly and firmly. Within four trips of in and out with my finger your orgasm takes over you and your ass hole grabs my finger tightly. I let go of your legs and you fall into the back seat and commence removing your blouse and bra. As your bra come off you say to me, “Want to see what entertained you in the bar?”
As I am taking my clothes off preparing to climb in the back seat with you, you are, with pride, showing me those rich melons heightening my desire. My move to the back seat is smooth and rapidly done as I raise your thighs and begin to slowly insert my hard and hot cock into your wet pussy as you think about having, and maybe keeping, my all of my penis, and solely, for you. My hands reach for your buttocks, lifting them up slightly allowing for a full and complete penetration, as I bend over physically putting my face between your rich, provocative tits.
I begin to nibble and lick your hard nipples and then pass one of your tits into my mouth and begin sucking giving you additional sensations while you are continuously riding my penis each time with an increasing rhythm as my hands maintain your buttocks helping you to descend and rise with impetus for my juicy sweet potato.
All of the nerve endings in our bodies are alive with desire and so sensitive that each action simply increases our velocity of animal like carnal energy abandoning everything else that is happening outside of our world in this car. Our bodies are sweating profusely creating additional odors adding to the intensity as my mouth continues with greater zeal to absorb your erect nipples as one of my fingers goes to find your hot anus and glides into it feeling your muscles grab and hold it with a longing passion.
Other than sounds reminiscent of wild passionate animals coming from each of us, our intensity and velocity reaches for the universe as we detonate with an orgasm not limited or restrained in any way. Your extraordinary cuquita squirts liquids copiously mingling with my hot semen as we disintegrate in exhaustion.

Chapter 2 of “The Cita”

We lay fatigued, in the cramped rear seat area of the car, in a bundle of body parts, in almost every uncomfortable direction, as our breathing progressively and slowly returns to normal with a sense of the real world beginning to close back in on us.
Slowly and carefully I lift my body and attempt to help you adjust to a more comfortable position. As I bend over the front seat, trying to reach the door handle to open the door, you move and come up and plant a sweet kiss on my left buttock and lightly slap my right buttock with your open hand causing a stinging in my buttock. I gasp for air from the shock as you begin to laugh just as I get the door handle. I climb out, allowing more room for you, completely nude and you hand my pants to me as I ask, “What was that for?”
With a chuckle in your voice you say, “For taking advantage of a helpless Lady”. I chuckle and put my pants on saying to you, “Who took advantage of whom?” You then climbed out of the car with only your blouse around you and say to me, “It is easier to put this skirt on out here than it is in the car”. As you hand my shirt to me I remember how sexy and attractive that skirt is, and how tightly it fit around your waist and nalgas, and easily understand why it was better to put it on out of the car. As you are closing just a few of the buttons on your blouse a big smile comes across my face seeing that with no bra those luscious melons would bounce and move sexily free.
We proceed to your house in a much calmer manner sitting very close to each other in the car with your hand lovingly resting on my thigh and my arm around you. Barely a word was spoken, except for you giving directions, and the silence, similar to a bonding process, between us actually made us feel closer to being one. The aroma in the car was that of sex and sweat which in itself was enchanting. You chuckled as we went around the last corner approaching your house and smiling said, “I guess we both could use a shower.” I replied, “I sure hope that is an invitation!”
I got out of the car, opened the door for you, and as we proceeded to the front door hand in hand we exchanged penetrating glances. As you opened the door you said to me, “Come with me”. I followed you, and as we walked through the living room you reached behind to unbutton your skirt. You went into the Master bedroom, which was decorated totally feminine, letting your skirt drop, stopped, turned around, and reached for my belt and starting opening my pants. As you did this I reached too undo the only three buttons on your blouse. As my pants dropped to the floor I took you into my arms and we started a slow tender and loving passionate kiss molding our mouths and blending our tongues. Putting your arms around my neck and holding me tightly our embrace was similar to a meddling of our bodies that seemed to last along time. Finally we slowly parted and you unbuttoned my shirt, taking it from me and throwing it on a chair.
We stop, and you go turn the water on in the shower so it can get hot. You walk back to me, you take my flaccid penis in one hand and with the other hand you push me back on the bed. I am lying on my back and you have my cock in your hand using it as the pivotal point as you follow me to the bed arriving on your knees with those wonderful breasts are hanging like ripe melons, in voluptuous full form pointing directly into my mouth. To my surprise your mouth goes directly to my upright nipples and you bite each one before starting to suck furiously on each alternating between sucking and biting, creating the most wonderful sexual pain stimulation. Your other hand comes up to the nipple that is not in your mouth and you pinch and pull them hard. As you continue these actions, switching from one to the other of my breasts, your other hand feels my penis start to pulsate beginning the process of standing at attention.
I detect steam coming from the bathroom and I say, “My love the water is hot.” As you continue to torment my breasts you change your position slightly and now I am about to receive a heavenly gift. You have positioned so that one of your full formed voluptuous breasts is coming directly toward my mouth to receive all, or at least what I am able to give due to the other distractions you are and have produced, of my attention. In the air each of your buttocks is a delightful handful and desire to be squeezed as I move one of hands to enjoy them. Looking further down I can see a “fire” that would effortlessly and promptly burn a man with little experience or “staying power” into ashes. It is a juicy, wet, delicate burning flower that crowns your loins blooming like a lovely pink rose.
Your tempting tits, with your erect and wet nipples, hanging and swinging like lush ripened and appetizing (apetitosas) fruits in front of my face, and just out of my reach, were beginning to drive me to insanity. My mouth continues to seek and strongly long for them and for me to suck them was so pungently appetizing, and yet they would not enter my mouth. Finally, I did get one of those delightful marmalades tetas and my tongue played with your nipple as my teeth restrained your nipple from leaving me.
You stop and ask me to turn over and get up on my knees with my head on the bed. You then open a drawer of a night stand and take a small bottle of lubricant out and lubricate two fingers. You come beside me and with one hand you play with my left breast and pull and pinch on my nipple and with the other hand with the lubricated fingers you probe my anus and enter with one finger. This, having established “the roadway”, permits you to expand my pleasure with your other finger. As your second finger enters it starts to explore.
This is not the first time I have been “penetrated” by a woman, although it has been a long time, but you start to do something no one else has ever done. You search for a short time and then find my prostrate gland, which is going to have the same affect on me as if I were massaging you “G” spot, and with that you start to send me quickly to the ultimate sexual heavens. My erection, which I thought was pretty darn good, gets even harder and pulsates with a firm regular rhythm. You then change position, sliding between my legs as I then begin to lower myself, and the hand that was teasing and tormenting my breast and nipple comes and clasps itself around my large hanging huevitos as my pulsating penis slowly begins to enter your mouth.
Your mind is racing with thoughts that center around what is happening. You think, “I am in for the ride of my life. My pussy throbs, my thighs ache, and my mouth so much wants to suck his cock.” As my cock slowly sinks down into your eager mouth, you think, “Why is this man’s penis taste so good? And smell so good and shaped so fine? I do not know and I do not care. All I know is that I just love when this man places his penis in my mouth, fucking my face, slowly and then faster, in and out with his huevitos slapping my chin. Ah, there is nothing like it in the world!”
I am grasping for air, and not certain I can continue breathing, moaning delightfully. You gently begin to repeatedly squeeze my balls ever so gently and with the strong suction of your wet, warm, and tight mouth all control I ever had is beginning to leave me. All I can say, in between grasp of air is, “suck my cock, “suck my penis harder! Get all of my milk!
I have absolutely no control and explode pumping my hot semen until there is no more.
I think that I have died and gone to heaven. You continue with me in you mouth, just holding my cock, and take your arms and put them around me, giving me a loving hug. As you discharge me, I roll to one side and turn into the same position as you, putting my arm around you and lightly and delicately kissing you. You take your sharp heel and drag it up and down the calves of my leg creating a sensual pain that is exquisite for me. You sit up and I do so also, taking your heels off and say to me, “Come, let’s get that shower before all of the hot water is gone!”
The shower, big enough for at least three or four people, was great. We bathed each other with a tenderness that was pulling my heart in every direction. I put you against the wall and sat on the floor putting my head directly under your fabulous pussy. I said “My love, lean back and relax and let me deliver you to the heavens.”
As you shut your eyes you then felt my tongue lightly on your clítoris. “Open your pussy.” I said gently and softly as you felt my shoulders against your inner thighs. Symbolically your hand moved to open your swollen and pink rose bud lips and then felt something warm and smooth being inserted into your cunt. Not knowing for sure what it was, you felt powerless and were afraid to speak as the sensations began to expound. Your pussy was very juicy and wet as my tongue absorbed your juices and tantalized you in what seemed like forever.
I took one of your legs and put it up on my shoulder and then the other leg on my other shoulder, thus supporting you and putting the wet and juicy cunt directly in my mouth. Words started coming out of your mouth, “Suck my clitoris! Suck! Eat me! Eat all of my pussy!”
Your legs are tight around me and then move, pushing your buttocks up. I start a “French Lapping” motion, using the broad side of my tongue in a swirling movement between your clitoris and hot wet cunt. I stop as you grasp for air and then I move in doing changing to the “butterfly flick” moving my tongue from side to side immediately underneath your clitoris.
At the same time one of my hands moves to your erect nipples, changing from one to the other, pulling and pinching. Your hips are moving back and forth across my mouth as my hands go in separate directions. My tongue is buried deep inside of your pussy, savoring your warmth and juices, and you command me saying “My clitoris, my clitoris you insignificant bitch!”
“What” I think, “Is this? “Insignificant bitch?” “Does she now want me to pretend I am a ‘bitch’?”
As my mouth takes in your clitoris, you are the aggressor demanding service from your ‘bitch’. With the erotic thoughts of having a ‘bitch’ to service you in all aspects, you begin to experience the most exquisite pleasure of silken sensations and with your pubococcigeo muscle without explanation, is relentlessly contracting. With the building up of pleasure inside, a tensing of sensual potential you then abandon all thought save for your desperate quest for culmination. I continue to twirl my tongue in feather light movements on top of your clitoris causing it to swell. As your hips push hard against my face I make my tongue firm and move in circles around the head of your swollen clitoris. Your fever grows, feeling one of my fingers intruding into the split of your ass, and you know that you have fully become a shameless wanton woman.
You seem to rush to the precipice, there to hang balanced precariously for several timeless moments. Your pussy is thrusting against my face and from somewhere unknown a sensation not felt before starts to emerge. The ever so lightly sensation of my finger puts you to open your buttocks as you feel me prodding and massaging your anis. My other hand is so lightly pulling on one of your nipples giving a sensual delight.
Your voice gets stronger and more demanding as you repeat several times “Fuck me this way Bitch! Fuck me this way!”
As your heat grows more intense your liquids increased in volume and you started arching your back and pushing with your hips begging to let all of your juices flow to take you to the ultimate release.
During this time of rapture, you are able to have the two sweet pleasures as your body convulses with your anus covetous my finger tightly. As your ‘bitch’ I gladly and happily drink the precious hot fluids that your vagina is squirting into my mouth.
Your “bitch” then extends his tongue into your pussy, easily finding your “G” spot and with smoothness in your wet, juicy, and very hungry “flower” begins to apply the correct amount of stimulation causing you to very quickly reach for and have the “heavenly” pleasures that surpasses any preceding sexual occurrence as your hot juices flowed without limitations in a riquísimo orgasm.

More Chapters cuming!

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