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7/27/2005 12:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Well, it is close to that time when I have to say good bye.

So I suppose this will be my last blog post. Will I be back? Depends, but there are a few people that I hope will have a chance to read this.

To cuddles, booha, bubb, sassy, you all have been very kind and we have had interesting times together. I won't forget you all and I will hope to keep in touch with you at some stage or time.

To S and m, lol you both crack me up. Being guys and so bored with yourselfs it's truly pathetic you have to go around stalking and harasing people. But still, wish you both your fun and amazing bordem carrys you both into the light.

Again, I want to say to my friends. It has been fun and I'm going to miss you all.

As some of you know about my partner and his father is going through difficult times. Thanks for your concerns, support and comforts.


cuddleboy69 49M

7/28/2005 10:12 am


Thanks for the kind words .
Hmm it would be great to keep in touch, but hmm wouldn't that involve exchanging emails or something?


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