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11/29/2005 9:34 pm

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bored--random musings

Well, I think I've sent out just about all the e-mails I can, and I tried to cast as wide a net as possible...I'm excited, but waiting for some new messages to show up in my inbox is like watching the proverbial pot of water on the stove...There is a natrual tendency to try to make things happen, and I want nothing more than to deliver some screaming orgasms to some lucky lady while blasting her insides with my come, but I know things take time, and I have been here less than a week.

[Just as an aside, I understand completely the purpose and reasoning behind using the "autoreply" feature, but way too many women on this site are addicted to it...Please--If you are a real person and interested in meeting, try to send out some real messages, and if not interested, say so...And for those of you out there that must use it, please keep it updated--none of this "I'll be coming to your town this summer" when it is almost December. I know there are a lot of standard members out there, but please try to upgrade--it is relatively cheap, and the benefits great.]

I'm also noticing more and more fake ads, they seem to be cropping up faster than AdultFriendFinder can get rid of them (I've alerted on at least 10)...In general, they have very generic or simplistic names, very little info in the actual ad (and what info is there is usually poorly spelled), and a pic of some woman SO drool-worthy that whatever she's looking for, she doesn't have to come to this site to get it...

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