A couch ,the movie and.......  

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8/2/2006 12:00 pm

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A couch ,the movie and.......

We come in from an evening out. You sit on one end of the couch while I go get us something to drink. While I am gone, you turn on the TV to find one of your favorite movies on with about an hour left. When I get back, you pat the couch next to you and tell me how much you like the movie and want us to watch the last of it. I come over to the couch, hand you your wine and put mine on the table. But instead of sitting next to you, I lie down with my head in your lap. You stroke my head as you watch the movie, and mostly I am watching you. At the next commercial break, I lean up and we kiss, our tongues meeting in a slow soft duel. We kiss through the whole break, my hand coming up to massage your breast through your clothes. You moan into my mouth. As the movie starts, I break the kiss and lie back in your lap. You smile at me and go back to watching the movie. I wait a few seconds and then get up. You look at me with a puzzled look, but I say I'll be right back. I go get a couple of pillows and come back and lie back down arranging the pillows so I can still lie back but reach your breasts.I turn toward you and begin to kiss your breasts through your clothes. You hold my head as I move from one to the other.

Soon another commercial comes on, and I lean up to kiss you again. This time our breathing is a little more ragged as we kiss through the break. I begin to unbutton your shirt. You shift around a little to help me pull it out of your skirt. Soon the commercial is over and I lie back down and lean in to concentrate on your breasts again. I begin kissing them through your bra, but soon you reach down and unhook the front clasp, move the bra out of the way and pull me to your nipple. I flick it with my tongue a few times and then suck it into my mouth, bathing the nipple with my tongue. You let out a sigh and I can tell your head has fallen back against the couch. I stop for a second and say, "Carrie, watch the movie." You laugh, guide me to your other breast and say, "You just shut up and suck." I smile up at you before closing my eyes, opening my mouth, taking your nipple, and renewing a gentle sucking.

Soon the next commercial comes on and I move up to kiss you again. You say the movie only has about 20 more minutes, and you hope we can both wait that long. I say it will be a challenge. You begin to unbuckle my belt. You tell me you have a plan to keep me focused. As you get the belt undone, and start on the pants you tell me to take off my clothes. I sit up and take them off lying back again naked as the movie starts. You guide me back to your breast as you begin to stroke me. I am hard as a rock and you keep me there, thus insuring a very focused mouth working on your nipples. You can sense when I start to get close and you ease up until I relax again, and then you resume teasing me. You chuckle noting that as you get me closer to the edge, I suck harder and more passionately.

Soon the movie is over. I hear you whisper, "Thank God," and you start to ease me away. You reach down and push your skirt off. As you do
that I move to kneel on the floor in front of you. I ease your legs apart and kiss you through your panties. You tell me to take them off. I do as you say and then you pull me back between your legs. You are dripping wet and you smell heavenly. My mouth is watering, as you pull
me in and say, "Taste me, Baby, it's all for you." I groan deep in my throat as I run my tongue up the length of your pussy before slipping it deep inside. Your taste is also heaven. I bury my face in your pussy, kissing and licking you deeply. You allow me to feast for a few minutes before pulling me up to your clit and saying, "I need to cum. Make me cum in your mouth." I begin to flick your clitoris as I slide a finger inside you, moving it in and out as I push you to orgasm.

Your hips begin to move faster as you hold me tight to your pussy. I love the fact that you are so absorbed in your pleasure, wanting only to cum and feel the ecstasy that awaits you. I keep pushing you higher and higher until you push one last time against my face as you pull me even tighter to you. I hear you take a deep breath and then let out a deep moan as your hips begin to buck wildly as you explode. I continue to lick lightly up and down the length of your pussy before sliding my tongue deep inside again to drink your nectar. You are so delicious; I can't get enough.

I would continue forever but you finally ease me away and tell me to lie down on the couch. I lie back and you straddle me kissing me deeply. You say, "That felt fantastic. Now tell me how this feels." With that, you reach between us and guide me inside you. You are so wet, and warm the feeling is indescribable. I moan and you smile and tell me you'll take that for an answer. You begin to move up and down pushing me toward my own orgasm. I hold your hips trying to slow you down to make it last, but you tell me, "No, I want to feel you cum inside me. Cum for me, Baby." I let me hands just follow the motion of your hips and soon I am pulling you down hard against me. Our eyes are locked and you smile as you see from the look on my face that I am about to go over the edge. You know what you are doing to me and at the exact moment it starts, you lean down and kiss me, your tongue entering my mouth as I begin to spurt inside you. We moan into each other's mouths as we both feel my explosion.

We stay locked like that until it is over and then you stretch your legs out behind you so you are lying on top of me. We continue to kiss and I tell you it was amazing. I run my hands over your back and down to your behind, stroking you. You sigh and snuggle into my neck. I continue to stroke you, loving the smooth softness of your bottom.

After a few minutes, you pick your head up and say, "If you keep that up you are going to be kissing that pretty soon." I laugh, hugging you for a second, before sliding my hands back to your bottom. I hear you say "Hmmm?" with interest...

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8/3/2006 4:24 pm

Very nice, eh? Enjoyed it a lot.


hitched06 50M/50F

8/4/2006 12:05 am

Not yet

hitched06 50M/50F

8/4/2006 12:07 am

Yes quite nice glad you enjoyed it


8/5/2006 9:14 am

I love honeymooners

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

hitched06 50M/50F

8/7/2006 5:39 pm

we do too

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8/7/2006 5:41 pm

    Quoting SensuallyKatey:
    hooooooooooooooooly jeans and purple (now this is LOVE I am not kidding people) flippie floppies,

    we need to get this couple a permanent room at some hidden away little Inn on a coast!!

    woooooo hoooooooo
    this was quite tender and yes steamy and how blessed the two of you are!!

    Hugs and Love,
Good to see you out and about. We are truly blessed

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