Cyber Dreamer lust Lover  

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6/12/2005 7:57 pm

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Cyber Dreamer lust Lover

Sleepless mind of thoughts gone wild no real order to chaos
Cookie cache overloaded system going to crash
Hopeless reason none to tuff to frail all on an eggshell
One button touched opens that gate brings down our hell
Pandora ’s Box heaven of desire lust for hire.
Digital binary orgasmic cyber honey you light my modem on fire.
Virtual fantasy Virtual lust is a fabrication a façade to our real lust.
Thoughts have substance turn what cannot be to what can.
A dream is a goal and life is a dream.
Woman dancing in my mind is dancing on my thigh.
Chaotic one sight may be or is real not a dream.
My connection is down my lotion is empty and I’m spent.
Reload my hydration eat my pineapple.
Waiting to log back on hours go by my date has lost her mind.
I should have taken the time to get her digits and drove to her.
We would of lost our minds together my hand would not be cramped
My forearms not so tired. Ha ha what a dream for me
to find my cyber loven bunny right next to me.
When it happens it happen will I be living that dream.
Who wants to be my realty bouncing bunny on my thigh living my dream with me?

What it comes down to I have these dreams crazy and intense. Usually it has to do with I think I need someone more real to me. I date and have friends I see, and usually I have limited time for one person because I’m on the go so much and I feel it is not fair for the other person. I personally cannot just hook up with someone unless there is a connection a real flirtation. I feel its my cyber lust a reality a façade of seduction with little but sometimes promising production. Once again lost my thought how about some of you?

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