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12/22/2005 11:22 am

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First sex

In June '80 I was 16 and went swimming at the local lake with several other highschool kids. The number of kids began to dwindle after midnight. When we were down to 5, the only girl talked us into (I don't think it was that difficult) skinny-dipping. I remember that being an incredibly exciting feeling. Water moving freely, the thrill of wondering whether we were going to get caught by some adults. Swimming was wonderful but we discovered that lying on the beach was a mistake, so we tended to stand around when we were out of the water. Being quite young, the guys kept getting boners. This embarrassed us at first and we tried to avoid letting the other guys see when it was happening. We eventually got used to it and didn't mind.

At one point (it was dawn, toward sunrise) we were all hard at the same time and commenting on the size and shape of each other. This was when Tammy said she wanted to touch them. That was fun. She then said she wanted to see if she could do all of us at the same time. After some time figuring out how she was going to arrange it, we went to a picnic table. She chose the longest guy and sat on him, then laid down with her back on his torso. The next guy stood at the end of the table and pushed himself in. One got up on the table and arranged himself for a titfuck. The last one to get into the pile enjoyed oral. We were all so excited by watching each other and kept wondering what the other guys' positions were like. The three of us on top kept trading places. In those days (or at that age), guys didn't understand or even know about the female oragasm. We just instinctively knew what to do to provide fun for ourselves.

The poor guy on the bottom never got to change. The only thing he could see was a closeup of the blowjobs and sometimes a good look at the titfuck. He also ended up with cooz running down his balls and he got a little on his face too. Nobody said anything about it. It seemed like a taboo subject. Since then I have sometimes wondered what that might have been like for him.

Bad Moon Rising by CCR was the song playing on the car radio. This has remained the most exciting sexual experience I have ever had. When I fantasize, I tend to go to this memory. When I hear Bad Moon Rising, this memory runs through my mind. When I was a little older and beginning to watch porn, my favourite porn was blowjobs or anything with a lot of cumshots. I really like watching guys get off with women. Group sex is like interactive porn. You can watch and participate at the same time.

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