3-somes & Fantasies  

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12/26/2005 11:08 am

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3-somes & Fantasies

Most of my life I'd heard that every man's fantasy is to watch and/or share two women. I always wondered why I was different because I never had this fantasy. If I'm going to watch porn or live sex, I'd far rather watch hetero activities.

A few years ago I heard that a survey of guys' fantasies had been done. The most common single fantasy among guys is to watch and/or have two women. The survey released this number: 1 in 3 guys fantasize about this.

Three years ago, my girlfriend told me she had always fantasized about two guys and asked if I would be willing to do that. I was a little hesitant because, other than a straightforward couple, I'd never been in a group of fewer than five. I thought the dynamic of a 3-some might be different than a larger group. A larger group is quite impersonal with several naked people crawling around on each other while they move to the next position. I thought three would be much more personal and whether the two guys might feel awkward with each other, maybe thinking all the time about not looking at or touching the other guy. When I am involved in sex, I prefer to focus my mind on the girl, not the guy.

She said she wasn't interested in watching us together – she wanted us both to focus on pleasing her. So I agreed. I do enjoy watching a guy with a girl, and the thought of experiencing group sex again like a did as a teenager was very exciting. ~A~ did not know how to go around asking a guy to get into bed with us and I didn't know how to approach that subject with any of my guy-friends, so it didn't happen.

The last year my girlfriend ~J~ also shared with me her desire to have two guys together at the same time. She already had two guys, but only one at a time. I told ~J~ that I could get into that. One day after being at my place ~J~ went to her other guy's place covered with hickies and scratches. He was a little jealous. He was never quite comfortable with the idea of ~J~ having two or more guys and he'd been with her a lot longer than I had. I asked her to check with him to see if he would be more comfortable if we all shared our sexual activity together. She came back to me with his answer: No, but thanking me for my consideration.

I got to wondering. If one in three guys fantasize about two or more women, how many women fantasize about about two or more guys?

I can understand women wanting multiple men because they have so many sites on their bodies that can host or experience dick. And more guys can keep a woman going for so much longer, maybe several hours. As a teen, if I had more than four or five ejaculations in one night of partying I ended up being quite sore the next day. As for pleasing a woman by myself, I like to spend about an hour and I don't think I've ever taken more than about an hour and a half. Certainly no more than two hours.

I'm curious about the people out there in the cyberworld. Let me know if you are Male or Female and what your favourite fantasy is. Keep it short. No details, just the basic situation. Do you want MMF, FFM, MMMMMFF, FFFFFFFM, MFMFMFMFMF or any other? Maybe your fantasy is strictly 1-on-1 but in a particular location.

tackman57 59M  
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12/29/2005 8:50 pm

You're completely justified in being hesitant about a 3-some. I've read that for a sucessful 3-some, you have to agree on which one person will get the most attention. Once all agree, it is supposed to eliminate one person getting ignored or left out. It would take some very understanding people for that to work!

One of my biggest fantasies right now is to be with a Male/Female couple. I love watching straight sex & would love to see it up close in person. And the biggest part of this fantasy is trying sex with the female but have the male close by to make sure I could keep my erection. Being gay, I've never been with a female in my 48 years, never touched one. I guess you'd call me "curious, but in reverse". I know I'd never be able to keep my erection if with a woman by myself. The male would have to be a willing straight guy or a bi-curious/bi-male so I could have him close to keep my erection going by letting me suck him. But I would like to try having intercourse with a women. After my first experience with intercourse with the female, I'd like for the couple & I to try as many different positions of MMF sex as possible, especially having the male perform anal intercouse on me as I fuck the female. So far, I've not found a couple willing to help me out. But I'm hoping Swapfinder will help me with this!

wiggle_worm_55 62M

1/7/2006 10:23 am

I'm a male, and my fantasy is MMF. I really enjoy watching, and to participate also, would be great! I would want the guy to be OK with me touching him, and maybe sucking him off!

rm_jake1327 41M
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6/4/2006 9:47 pm

im in irving looking for some fun, im down for anything

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