Chicken wings  

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6/20/2006 9:02 pm

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Chicken wings

yeah so we got stoned again...but thats ok cuz we're off tomorrow So Eric's online right now ordering chicken wings. Yum tonight Eric's friend came over for a few drinks. He's crazy funny.... Him and Eric really make me luagh. And what else I Guess nothin. oh I should say that AdultFriendFinder's kind of getting boring. I dunno why that is. Also lately it's been a bitch to broadcast our cam. Not sure why that is but it takes like 30 minutes to get going. But it's amazing fun hearing what everyone has to say....I so forgot where I was goin with that but meh...whatever. So yeah Eric and I went out last night to see some strippers and had like a pretty dramatic crazy night...I wont get into details here but it was an adventure for sure ...anyways be safe sexy people

Ps.... I almost forgot ...I cut Eric's hair last night. and he so wasent impressed. lol but itll grow bacj so I dont feel all that bad
(lesson learned for sure)

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