a more familiar face in the mirror  

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8/27/2006 1:15 pm

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a more familiar face in the mirror

So, I actually shaved instead of using a beard trimmer, and I look phenomenally better. I could probably get back the whole ἐρόμενος look if I just waxed my face instead of shaved it and continued losing weight, though fixing my teeth will still help. It's not quite a 5 o'clock shadow, and may not even show up on camera, but I don't like it. That, and the whole reason I got lazy about it was razor burn. So waxing upstairs is definitely on the "to do" list, and maybe I'll try an epilator on my face, too, since I know the yanking/etc. doesn't bother me.

And yes, the ἐρόμενος/ἐραστής changeover haircut is one of the reasons why I will never cut my hair short. Hopefully I won't have aged too badly by the time it gets down to my ankles.

As it turns out, I weigh somewhere between 25-55 lbs. less than I thought I did. I'll have to assemble a more complete set of measurements for my profile, particularly once I'm in better shape, but I'm 41" in circumference around 1" above my navel, 38" around the hips, 6'0" and not 6'1" (did I shrink, or was it the shoes), 195 lbs., and 21.2% body fat according to the electrical body fat sensor I bought. This puts practical limits on slimming down to about 153.66 lbs. at 0% body fat, and 161.34 lbs. at 5% body fat, which is very close to the 165 lbs. that physicians recommend anyway. Besides, kwashiorkor would defeat the point of slimming down, and nobody wants to fuck a skeleton in the ass anyway, so the 140 lb. range and below are out unless it happens by accident and it doesn't look as bony as it did 10 years ago. All that said, I may end up losing muscle, too, but I'm really targeting relative measurements, esp. the waist, and am using weight and body fat to find constraints on it all. In particular, I don't want to look like a crackwhore or to be buffed, either.

I seem to have stopped smoking successfully for the time being, though the Kegel exercise idea is really only happening halfheartedly. It seems that it may have been too easy to need an alternative habit to displace it. Yet if that were so, why did I have so much trouble for so long, not even lasting 4 hours, never mind 24? The world may never know. Also, drinking seems to have gone by the wayside without even thinking about it. After I've gone long enough without smoking and drinking I'll update my profile accordingly.

I picked up this Infusium 23 conditioner and leave-in conditioner and some VO5 hot oil for some deep conditioning, and was supposed to get some pictures where friends could see them, but got derailed by work, then fell asleep. Either I went overboard with the leave-in or sometimes it can make my hair look greasy; hopefully it doesn't look I went in for jheri curl or some such. Also, it's really hilarious how it looks so much like semen after it's broken down a bit. In any event, the final piece of good news is that when wet, my hair is already waist-length; the curls and waves apparently take at least 5" off it when dry.

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