Yes it can work!  

herfirstparty 49M/46F
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5/18/2006 4:34 pm
Yes it can work!

Many “main stream” folks would say that an open marriage is doomed. Well 50% of all marriages are doomed from day one.

Why do so many marriages fail? Lack of communication, lack of ability to negotiate your needs is why many marriages fail. Money, sex, power are just manifestations of bigger problems. This lack of communication in the relationship will lead to resentment, then justification for deceitful actions.

Well I will tell you one thing. If you can talk about having sex with other people, you can talk about ANYTHING! It really opens the doors to communication and intimacy

rm_suckme691963 53M
5 posts
6/5/2006 9:58 pm

Lack of communication causes the major issues in any relationship, marriage or other. I can fully attest to that. I have that problem now. We (girlfriend and myself)don't communicate on anything that is truly important. We brush all important issues under the rug and bury our heads in the sand, pretending they don't exist. We can't discuss any personal or family issues at all. I am to the point where I just can't do that anymore. I feel I have wasted a significant portion of my life doing so and being unhappy. The time has come for me to spread my wings and experience more of what this life has to give...\8

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