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9/23/2005 8:54 am

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1/14/2011 7:10 am

hard Core attitude

I would like to start this one off with a question. Where are the hard core people at? I mean the real swingers? The ones who are comfortable with themselves and willing to try about anything? Where are the people that are ready to get dirty and trashy and leave the sheets soaked so completely that when they dry you have to stand them against the wall and kick them to make them bend?
I am so tired of everyone I meet wanting to chat and email and look at pics. I want to meet someone who is ready to try something! Are there any out there. Is there anyone anyone who throws their inhibitions to the wind? Is there anyone who is ready? So far I have met very few that are as outgoing as their profile claims. Most (not all) are interested but not ready to actually produce. That is fine whatever word for you, I will not pressure you. I just think it would be interesting to meet someone who is comfortable in the lifestyle and has made the most of it. Is there anyone like that out there? Many claim, few follow through. If there is I would love to meet you. Hell, we don't even have to do anything ourselves, I just want to be able to experience a true swinger. And guys if you can not verify where, when and who you have done, I won't believe you, too many liars out there. Personally, my partners for the most part have all been witnessed by my buddies (they were there helping on some of them ), very few of these people on line seem to have the drive and ambition to truly swing. It seems that most are talk. In the words of Toby "I need a little less talk and a lot more action".

avgcple61 55M/55F  
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9/24/2005 5:38 pm

Hey guys, we finally read your Blogs. We had a great time with you at lunch and would have went to the hotel with you two but you already had plans.
It's a shame that you feel like you do. We have talked about this and believe there are just a couple of things that you should probably do to make things happen for you. First, get her more involved. Is she really ready for this or is she just wanting to please you? I can ask these things because, I've been there. Once my wife got ready for this it seemed to take off. I know we've only had one experience and so have you, but you should have read all the offers. Some of them we are planning to act on.
Second, be more proactive. Yesterday, we made things happen. We were going to have sex whether our new partner wanted to or not. We controlled the place and the total setting. There are not many people on AdultFriendFinder who are willing or able to just sit by and watch someone else have sex. So if you and her start getting really friendly and start taking off your clothes, the others probably will too. What are their options? To say, "oh my, you guys need to be alone." No, they'll either leave, start up themselves or join in. You're a business man, make things happen.

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