A special thank you to all the precious metals out there.  

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9/26/2005 10:51 am

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1/23/2009 1:48 pm

A special thank you to all the precious metals out there.

Hello again.

Today I would like to put out a thank you! That's right, I need to thank one special onliner.

I thank you for proving no matter what the package my look like, it can be very ugly inside. For reminding me that it is not what is between the legs that makes one hot, but what is between the ears. I want to say thanks for proving that someone can over think mere questions and come back with a tirade, a tirade that makes no grammatical or logical sense whatsoever. You have shown me that no matter what someone says, there is always someone else who will go off half cocked. Oh I know people tell you that you are hot, but that passes once they get to know you I am sure. For that person I would like to say,physical beauty is fleeting, but an ugly presonality lasts forever.

To everyone else, thanks for the input, it has been appreciated. You are very beautiful people and have proven it in many ways. It is a beautiful person who listens, try's to understand and try's to help. Thanks to all of you.

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