my #1 fantasy  

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8/12/2006 11:24 am

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1/22/2007 8:58 pm

my #1 fantasy

I've been invited to spend the evening with a beautiful couple. The gorgeous lady wants to watch me suck her man,and I'm happy to oblige...but only after the two of us kiss and suckle her out of her clothes down to bra and panties. Now, she can watch the show!
I sit down and he walks to me. I feel his cock in his pants and rub it until it begins to harden. I
undo the fly and unzip the zipper..what's he got underneath there? (a truly dirty boy would be wearing a pair of HER panties for me to enjoy!!)

I pull down the pants just enough to let the tip out and introduce myself to the crown with my tongue. (By now he's got a big smile and so does she!!)

To maximixe my own enjoyment...I let the cock soften before it goes inside my mouth. I want to feel the stiffening in my cheeks and finally after what seems like pleasurable-agony hours to him, I begin sucking...and licking..and teasing..and sucking until his hot load is down my throat!

Lady, are you ready to be next?

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