An unfulfilled fantasy  

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11/20/2005 9:26 am

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An unfulfilled fantasy

Hi everyone! If you have ever read my profile you
would have noted that I have an unfulfilled fantasy, one that almost came true but didn't. Well I have been asked recently about the story and so I thought that I would impart what happened, here, as today is rainy and cold, and the race doesn't start for a couple of hours (go get'em Tony!).I was a Naval Aviator and when this occurred I was flying C-130's (the greatest aircraft ever built!). When I joined the squadron I was with, I was very surprised (and pleased!) to find that one of my former enlisted women (from a previous command) had been commissioned and was now a navigator. We'll just call her Sarah (not her real name). I had been her Division officer before, and we were attracted to each other, but couldn't do anything about it as (1) I was married, and I didn't mess around on my wife, and (2) The Navy does not condone officer/enlisted affairs .
Well, now that I was divorced, and Sarah was a new Ensign, we could see each other. We were VERY discreet, we didn't want anybody to get the idea that either she was trying to screw her way up the ladder, or, that I was taking advantage of the fact that she was junior to me in rank. So we carried on our affair away from the base and treated each other as professionals on the base. Anyway, I just wanted to give you some background. Sarah was not an extremely beautiful woman, matter of fact, alot of people thought that she was a lesbian, because she kept her hair rather short, and in uniform she looked very flat chested (but only in uniform!), and she preferred to be among the guys more than the girls. I knew the truth though! She had marvelous breasts, and nipples I could, and did lick and nibble for hours. She had light red hair and she preferred to keep it short as it was easier to take care off. One day I noted on the flight schedule that Sarah and a third pilot were going to be flying on my crew the next day. I asked why in Operations, as we almost never took extra crew members on a mission (not that I wasn't pleased!). They said that they assigned a second nav and a third pilot because the mission was going to be longer than usual because of strong prevailing headwinds. The next day after we had been flying for a few hours, we rotated the crew, my copilot took command and the guest pilot got into my seat. The nav's had rotated a few minutes earlier. I went back into the cargo hold, we had no passengers that flight, just lots and lots of cargo. I went back on the ramp to smoke a cigarette, as we didn't smoke on the flight deck. As I was sitting on the floor, Sarah came and sat next to me. The loadmaster was forward, sitting in the spare seat on the flight deck, so we were all alone! She leaned over towards me and said "Do you remember how we both wanted to join the mile high club? Well how about the six mile high club"?(we were at FL320). I just chuckled. She looked at me and said "I'm serious! Everyone else is upfront, nows our chance" I saw that she was serious and immediately became excited. Well we turned off the ramp overheads and started to kiss and unzip each other's flight suits, this was going to be difficult to do as flight suits can be quite confining and we knew we couldn't take them all the way off in case we had to get dressed in a hurry, but, it made it all the more exciting! We finally got enough access to each other that it was getting VERY intense, I was licking her tits and fingering her pussy and she was stroking my cock with abandon! We were standing up and after several minutes I was VERY, VERY, ready to enter her (if you know what I mean!)well, she was moaning and she propped her left foot up on a piece of cargo and started to guide me into her. Just as the head of my cock started to breach her very wet pussy, we heard the loadmaster walking back to the back of the aircraft! As I thought we were pretty well hidden I wanted to continue, but she jumped back and started to straighten herself up. I had the worst case of blue balls in recorded history! And for all the ladies who read this, that is very uncomfortable (read painful!) for us guys. Well I stayed where I was and zipped my flightsuit back up, Sarah walked forward as if nothing had ever happened, and nobody was the wiser. But there is a happy ending to this like drama. We completed the flight after a very long 6 more hours. When we got to New Zealand it was 2 in the morning and after a couple of hours of off loading, postflight inspection, and writing maintenance gripes, we were through for the night. The rest of my crew had left to go to the hotel and I was standing in Maintenance Control explaining some of the gripes I had written to the Maintenance Chief when Sarah wanted in the door and said "Sir, when you are finished can I see you in the aircrew shack? I have some questions to ask you on why you wanted me to plot that alternate course around Pago Pago, I didn't want to ask then because I didn't want to look stupid". I said "Very well, I'll be finished here in a minute. I'll see you in the ready room." She said "Aye-aye Sir, thank you!" I finished and walked over to the aircrew shack and all the lights were off except for the one in the ready room. I walked back there, and she was waiting. She said that she was very sorry that we couldn't finish what we started in flight, but when she heard the load coming back she got scared. I said that was all right. Well she reached over and unzipped my flightsuit and we finished what had been started inflight, and when I entered her that time we fucked with a passion that we had never experienced before, and, had the most explosive orgasms that either of had ever had (I thought I'd never stop shooting my load and her pussy just kept squeezing, and squeezing my cock!). Well even though it didn't end the way we wanted, and I still haven't fulfilled that one fantasy of mine, I sure enjoyed the ending after all! Love to everyone! Have a great day!

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12/8/2005 11:55 pm

I want to fulfill your fantasy please........................

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