Part I - in the past  

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Part I - in the past

Part I
I had watched this girl at one of the clubs where mostly women frequented. I had been shooting pool that night wearing platforms with tight leather pants and a v-cut halter. One of the girls in the office had asked if I wanted to go out and she had no idea that I had ever had a girlfriend or had
lesbian tendencies. So were at this bar - S said we really don’t have to go to this one, but one of my friends is DJing and we won’t have to pay cover. My friend knew everyone and was as lipstick as they come. She paraded the “straight” girl around… me… and I met everyone from the owner to the girls playing their paychecks at the slot machines. I smoked incessantly and found it amusing to put my pack in my back pocket where I constantly fondled my ass to retrieve cigarettes.
I had told myself several times “I am not gay” and furthermore, “gay girls don’t like fence sitters”.

My chest ached at the slight of women holding hands and kissing and petting in public. I cast furtive glances and sought out the eyes of several of the women I found attractive. After one of the games was over and I had lost, we went to the
bar for me to buy the round. The one girl I had been really watching suddenly needed a drink… next thing I knew she had taken the barstool next to me and was talking to my S across me. They obviously knew each other. R was dressed in tight dark jeans and a button down fitted blouse with so-so shoes. She flashed brief smiles and kept checking me out of the corner of her eyes to see if I was watching her. The bartender was talking to me seeing that they were busy… she poured several on the house shots and told me her life story… just as I thought that R was going home with S; she put her hand casually on my knee and started flirting with me.

That thrill that runs down your spine, hardens your nipples and makes your pussy ache washed over me quietly. Going from listening to the bartender's hard luck life to imagining unknown pleasure with a stranger made my eyes light up… Feeling bolder I flirted back. S giggled at her cleverness,thinking she was helping me out of the closet or better…I casually brushed R's hair out of her eyes when she was spinning a story that demonstrated all of her charm and wit. I listened with my eyes touching every part of her. She laughed opened mouthed. S suggested suddenly that we go somewhere else more intimate. Grabbing me by the arm she insisted that we hurry out. Waving and blowing kisses to everyone, S ushered me out into the darkness of the parking lot with R following close behind. We giggled and tumbled breathlessly into the car that reeked of alcohol and cigarette butts. S assured us that she was ok to drive. She unlocked the back doors and told us that she was the chauffer.

We arrived at one of S’s friends lofts that I had never met or even heard of. We had traversed half of the city in one blur. As soon as the doors had slammed, R took the lead. At first she just rested her hand on my thigh but made quick work to explore other areas. My mouth sought hers and we were a tangle of mouths, hands and legs. The overhead light signaled that we had arrived at our destination which was only familiar by the sight of the capital building nearby.

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7/13/2005 6:33 am

wow that is really hot. please continue the story, lol

sex, drug and rock and roll. ok no more drugs, but still rockin out

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that pic of your ass is very nice

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that pic of your ass is banging

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hi i want see your ass and pusy

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jeah...i´m too

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1/11/2006 2:33 pm

i'm so excited when i read your history. i told it to my girlfriend. now she wants to try it !!! is it possible to get your e-mail ? you look so pretty. we wanna taste you

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