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3/24/2005 2:08 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Tonight I have been taking erotic pictures of myself. Makes me hot and wet when I do this. And my lover has me programmed like Pavlov's dog.......we always drink then get down and dirty. So drinking makes me wet and horny. Yes, I have been drinking tonight and I am wet and horny. This also causes me to fantasize.

Tonight I fantasize that I am kidnapped by some big burly guy. He takes me to a hotel, then introduces me to a guy that is going to me. I am to bathe, then sit on the bed until they tell me what to do. I bathe, dry off, then the big burly guy ties me to the bed nude. I am scared but I can feel the air on my clit and it makes me wet. The walks in and admires me. He slowly takes off his clothes, then dives into my pussy with his mouth. He licks and sucks me, he is good. I begin to moan as he licks and sucks and licks. It will not be a ........I want a dick. He straddles me face and I suck on his dick......long and hard. He moans as well.........then positions himself between my legs. I am so wet I could die....want his hard cock bad. He rubs the head of his hard cock against my clit...................oh GOD, I moan........just put that big thing in me, I want to fuck!!!

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