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helga_hansen 49F  
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3/24/2006 1:26 am

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3/26/2006 8:01 am

Tag! You're It!!

Darn! Missy Freetime freetime648 (don't you just love her new pic???) has tagged me!!! Apparently I have to list 6 things about myself that none of you know...hhhmmmmm And once I'm done, I have to tag 6 other bloggers

Well, here goes nothing, and for those that I tag...you must list 6 things someone may not know about you and then tag 6 others...

1. I'm actually left-handed, but was forced to write with my right hand as a child, so now I am ambidextrous....

2. I was a model in my teens, but got told if I didn't remove the two moles I have on my face, that I would never get any further than the catwalk (and I'm no Cindy Crawford, who proved that a mole can be the making of you!!)...

3. My nickname in high school was Peanut, and I used to draw a little peanut man when signing my name on letters and cards...

4. I have a secret fetish for things with hearts on them...

5. I dated a Jehovah's Witness in high school...

6. I worked on a cruise ship for a few months, with my husband, back in 1991. We were offered the chance to work on the sister ship, but turned it down, and a month later the sister ship sank off the coast of South Africa (fortunately everyone survived)...

So, 6 more boring facts about me!

So, who to tag next...hmmmmm






Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

MyRealLoverOne 45M

3/24/2006 6:59 am

Can I tag you? You don't need to do anything except let me touch you....smiles

helga_hansen replies on 3/24/2006 7:32 am:
Mmmmm.... you can touch me anywhere you like!


Wackytits 52F

3/24/2006 3:45 pm

PMSS!!!...We tagged each other. *Snort*....Interesting to see the choice of our other 5 tags xx

rm_dizzyandfun 48F
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3/26/2006 7:22 am

ooooooops...just saw this one !!!
6 things eh?? let me think....pmsl

diz xx xx

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