My PJs...  

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3/18/2006 5:11 am

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My PJs...

Think of PJs, and you're bound to think of something warm, cozy and snuggly. When it's cold out, and the winds howling and banging on the windows, trying desperately to let the cold in, there is nothing nicer than being snuggled up in your favourite pair of PJs and fluffy slippers.

I have PJs... but they are actually two people. Two men who make me feel warm, cozy and totally loved.

P is Mr Hansen, my husband for 15 years, and my partner for 17. I met him when I was 21. I'd had a privileged life up to that point, but privilege and money is no replacement for love and affection, which I had sadly been lacking from my dad and his wife. They say money can't buy you love, and I know only too well that this is so true.

I won't bore you with the details of my childhood, but when I say that I have both mental and physical scars, I am sure you can understand why I'd rather not talk about it all. I will never claim to have been a "good little girl", undeserving of punishment, but as a parent myself, I believe there is NO EXCUSE! There is nothing wrong with "sensible" punishment, but you need to let your child(ren) know that you still love them.

Mr Hansen was a Godsend. He saved my life, and I truly believe that. I was heading nowhere fast, and my finger was hovering over my self-destruct button, it was that close to call. Despite everything, he showed me love, and married me, knowing that his love for me was far greater than my love for him. My love and affection for him has grown over the years, and we are the proud parents of our son, a child who was definitely borne of that love and affection.

I met Mr Hansen when I was 21, and yes, I had packed quite a bit into my short, sexual life, having lost my virginity at 18. But despite all that, I was quite inexperienced, and totally clueless in most things. He has taught me so much, and like all teachers, is always happy for me to carry on learning. It is to this end that we entered into an "open" marriage. He is happy to let me play, as long as I am careful. All he wants is *my* happiness.

Enter J, a man who has come to mean so much to me in the few months we have been "together". In truth, J came into my life almost a year ago, and our first "meeting" is one I don't think either of us will forget... lol, he won't let me! I met him in the Euro Hot Tub, my favourite chat room on this site. Yes, I do pop into other rooms on occasion, but the EHT is my home, and I'm practically part of the fixtures and fittings now! Anyway... J came into the EHT, bored with chat in another room, and soon became a popular chatter with the EHT regulars. As the months went by, I was happy to call this man my friend, and in September last year, I made arrangements to meet up with him. All my first meets are "hands on the table at all times" coffee meets, because let's face it, hitting it off in chat is one thing, but having that "spark" in person can be quite another. Little did I know that J had felt that spark when meeting me. I'll be honest and admit that I did like him, but to me, he was a friend, and at that time was "otherwise engaged" with a chatroom friend. Lol, even I was in the middle of my first fling, so I honestly wasn't looking!

Roll forward a few months, things had changed for both of us, and it was just before Christmas when we met up again. After spending the day with him, I realised that *this* man was someone rather wonderful, but how to tell him that. Was it worth risking our wonderful friendship? How many times had I heard that once you'd crossed the line from friend to lover, that friendship would vanish. Heck... who was to say we'd be compatible in the bedroom? Neither of us knew, and we were both *very* nervous when we met up again. In essence, we're actually both rather shy (now, now, no snorting please!!) and I guess it was lucky that J broke the ice with that first kiss... in the middle of a busy London pavement.

Since that moment... well, how does one tell the world just how blessed you feel? Here I am, a woman in her late 30s, finally getting her weight sorted out (I'm now not fat, but neither am I thin) and I have two men in my life who adore me, each in their own unique way. P & J are two totally different characters, and to me, they complement one another without even realising it. Will these two men meet? Who knows... maybe, and then again, maybe not. Only time will tell.

As for me... I shall just mentally snuggle into my PJs, and enjoy this moment. And thank my lucky stars that I have been so wonderfully blessed!

Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

dutchpete 54M
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3/18/2006 4:12 pm

I am wondering if the PJ's have a different top and bottom to have complimentary looks/feelings. Or do they differ in that ?

UnpinAfireFaust 57M

3/19/2006 4:58 am

I'm envious of you Helga...but also believe that you deserve every bit of the happiness that you are now feeling and enjoying.

fothey 52F

3/19/2006 5:45 am

Helga, what a nice post this is...... xx

CelticFlower 50F

3/19/2006 9:15 am

What wonderful words, i am glad that you have your PJ`s to make your life both cosy & warm. Plus adventurous & exciting.
Kisse & hugs

TheQuietGuy2005 54M
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3/20/2006 3:29 pm

Strange ... why can I not get the idea of a threesome out of my mind as I read that?

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