A name is a name... is a name... is a name!  

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A name is a name... is a name... is a name!

We all have one. When we're born, we are given a name (or names) by our parents. They choose them for a variety of reasons. Some are traditional, some are names passed from generation to generation. Some simply because they appealed... (read "trendy" ).

We like to scoff at the names celebrities give their children. We've had Tiger Lily, Fifi, Apple, River... lol, that would be a whole blog in itself! But we don't know if others are scoffing at our choice of names for our children. My son has a combination of Scandinavian and English names, but living in the UK, he has had to live with a little bit of teasing from other children who think of his name/s as "weird".

But what about "pet" names? You know the ones. The ones our friends, family and significant others call us. Some of us don't like our given names, and we encourage diminutives, or we encourage use of a name which has no logical connection to our given names. Sometimes even our parents, having given us our chosen names, then choose to use a pet name instead.

My first name is rather short. It had to be, as my family name is rather long, being double-barrelled. Despite this, I was constantly asked if my given name was short for other possible longer names, as my given name is a diminutive in itself.

In school, I was nick-named Peanut... a stint working at the local zoo during weekends and holiday time earned me that, especially after fracturing my wrist, when a friend started telling people I was picking peanuts from a tree when I fell out (I had fallen out of a tree, but not because I was picking peanuts!!)

Mr Hansen calls me Honi, as those of you who know Dik Browne's cartoon Hagar The Horrible may know that Hagar had a daughter called Honi. I always called my dad "Hagar the Horrible", which is how I ended up being called Honi by Mr Hansen. I have always called Mr Hansen Mr H, in all the years I have known him.

Helga came later, after I had arrived in the UK. British men have untold fantasies about Swedish women, and when you mention you're Scandinavian, they automatically label you Swedish! I can't even remember how/who gave me this nick-name, simply to say it has stuck, and I actually enjoy using it.

My lover calls me Petal and I always smile when he calls me that. I have asked him why, and all he tells me is "because it fits". In return, I call him J Bear, as his name begins with a J, and he has a beard which I love stroking, as it reminds me of a teddy bear's fur. Silly, I know, but what the hell!

So... do you have pet names that you call someone? Have you been given a pet name by someone? Or are you above all that, and just prefer your own, given name?

Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

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