A bra is just a bra... isn't it?  

helga_hansen 49F  
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7/28/2005 12:27 pm

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A bra is just a bra... isn't it?

Lingerie, and bras in particular, have become a hot topic of conversation in the Euro Hot Tub lately. Some of the ladies in the Tub have the misfortune of not being able to get their hands on some decent lingerie, either due to geographical location and/or due to the size of their breasts and what's available locally. I have always had a "thing" for lingerie, and I think my husband was also initially attracted to my collection, especially when I was wearing it.

As the years have passed by, I've worn a multitude of styles and sizes. Pregnancy has a tendency to increase the size of a woman's bust (much to many a soon-to-be dad's delight!!), and bras for these occasions tend to be more support and less for titillation (hhhmmm, was that word invented by a man, I wonder??). Then the baby arrives, and suddenly those sources of pleasure for dad become sources of nourishment for Junior. I'm pretty sure my husband was secretly thrilled when he could have his "toys" back...

Now Junior is growing up fast, and I'm back to titillating. I love shopping for bras (and sometimes the matching panties), but I have to be in the right mood, and it has to be the right one. I don't just buy them for the sake of adding them to my collection. I buy them with existing outfits in mind... I buy them, conscious that my husband will be unwrapping me, and that I want to see that gleam in his eye as he spots the frothy creation I am wearing underneath.

Fortunately, bras in my size are made to be pretty, and not just utilitarian. I can't imagine how any man would get excited by some of the very unexciting "over-shoulder-boulder-holders" I have seen... and I do thank the gods that my breasts are D cups and not bigger!! I always think of the "more than a handful is a waste" some men talk about (although there are those who say that more than a mouthful is a waste too!!).

And this has all made me realise, that no... a bra is more than just a item of clothing, a means of support. It's so much more... and I love mine!!!

Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

sportsfan362436 47F

7/29/2005 12:44 am

Miss helga, your 'collection' is beautiful... just as you are. I can never express my thanx enough for showing me bras don't have to go up to my chin!!! (and thank God for that)... I feel as you do... lingerie is like a hidden package... awaiting to be appreciated as the unwrapping begins.
You are a great friend!! *kisses n hugz*

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

7/29/2005 2:57 am

you are so right.....


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