What's in a name?  

hedonisticsob 52M
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7/9/2006 2:58 am
What's in a name?

Letters, mostly.

But you have to wonder sometimes if parents think through what they are doing to their poor, innocent children with some of the names they assign.

My dad wanted to name me using a family name that also happened to be a popular cartoon character at the time. Thanks be that mom won that one.

I have five female friends named "Stacy" - but not one of them is spelled the same, and none use the common spelling above.

Parents adopting from other cultures struggle with naming the child in a different way; there is a desire to honor the "culture of origin." Unfortunately, many of these parents don't bother to ask anyone from the culture or who speaks the language what a particular name means before applying it. One couple named their daughter using a Chinese phrase that translates literally as "Easy." Somehow I doubt that was their intent.

Sometimes the name becomes a liability later. I once worked with a man whose name is Ben Laden. This wasn't a problem until after Sept 11th...now he has an unlisted number and a P.O. box because of the hate mail and harassing calls.

I'm instituting a new naming policy for any future kids I might have - they will be named via a random number generated through Excel. Integers only - most name boxes on forms don't include decimals.

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