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3/15/2006 6:41 am

Hello again folks!

I've been feeling impatient since February as my last operation is due and i still have no idea when it'll be. The plastic surgeon i saw in June 2005 said it would be around 8 months before i get a date. Well, its now over 8 months and im gettin antsy waiting. Silly really, after all i've been through you'd think i could wait patiently, seeing as this is the last one.
I just want to have 2 normal looking boobs so i can show them BOTH off. Also its a pain having to wear "cleavage enhancer" to balance them. Also it looks odd cos right boob has no nipple, that'll be gettin constructed at the same time i get my implant in left boob. There are still days when i forget about it completely then it hits me all over again. That also makes me feel apprehensive as stress has a physical effect on the body, including negative thinking.Having said that, i dont get worked up so much about the little things and try and just deal with life as it comes. When i read in the newspaper about people who have/had cancer i totally emphasise with them, nobody knows what its like till they've been there themselves. What the effect is on the patient and their family and friends. Anyhoo, i have no option but to doddle on as life isnt a rehearsal, this is the real thing and we ALL fall off the planet eventually.
Nowt we can do about it so no point in fretting, none of us are getting out of this alive, so we will get peace eventually!! lol
That's all for now folks, thanks for reading my Blogs and i hope it helps some of you if you are having a tough time coping with any difficulties. It does get better, things always change one way or another so keep your chin up and have a happy long healthy life to you all!!

bye for now and happy huntin!

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