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6/4/2005 9:03 am

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as i said before, the scene changed while we were off it.We met a cpl after a few false starts. At that time contact was made by magazine, answering letters & e xchanging pics.Despite being clear about what we wanted we still got inundated with single guys letters, pics,& 1 guy tried to phone as a woman! the 2nd cpl we met we hit it off immediately & are still good friends. when i was ill the two cpls we knew longest visited me regularly and supported my hubby. it was hard for him going home 2 an empty house. A few weeks after op we met up & had a great session, they accepted my appearance no problem & u know what? After 34 married yrs & 2 children (wrinkles,stretch marks & 1 boob)my hubby still got aroused looking at me. That alone did wonders for my morale.

oh yes! " a funny thing happened on the way to the theatre" lol. nurse asked if i was ok so i replied that the eve before my way of saying tata to tittie was to give it a pearl necklace!
Think i embarrassed her just a WEE bit, too much info & pictures in her head! she did laugh though!

Once we had got used to the fact i had had cancer(they successfully removed it all)the hardest part for me was having to wear bras.Because i had 2 wear a prosthetic breast i had no choice. God i hated wearin em! I always went freestyle and getting used 2 a bra was quite difficult. Hell,after what i went thru that part was the hardest! Now im used 2 them & have increased my selection of sexy undies considerably.
lol i wore the wrong type of bra and my false one ended up round my waist. i wondered where it had gone!! Now i have less fear about life/death and if i can face the man with the scythe I can deal with ANYTHING life throws at me/us.thats all for today, wonder what comes next? check mu blog. tata folks & have a happy satisfied life.

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6/5/2005 7:00 am

rock on girl ..if anyone is down on u because of have 1 boob ..its their problem not yours ..i think u look great in your pictures ,wish i had more ..i asked u into my net but u declined me ..i under stand im not what u r looking for..i still think your hot

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11/16/2005 11:59 am

some people are just blind to the beauty you hold.
One or none you are still a beautiful person.
Love your profile pictures you look great.
Best of luck

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