hedonist5152 65M/64F
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12/16/2005 8:05 am

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10/7/2010 9:51 am


Seems there are a lot of guys who seem to get off on insulting us women when we're camming. So do we ignore them and let them watch as well as the others who are more respectful and polite and undemanding?
I wouldnt let anyone talk to me like that in my own house so why should i let them get off with it? After all they are virtually in OUR house watching OUR CAM WITH OUR PERMISSION. This does NOT give them the right to abuse us verbally or otherwise!
The upside is i ENJOY tickin em off when everyone else can hear!! If they still get off after i've had my say well good on them.
Probably cant have a REAL LIVE CONVERSATION with a REAL LIVE WOMANin front of them.
My friend is right, you poor saps have to get your jollies somehow, and for that i pity you all, i really do, we all need someone.
As for the names we've been called, we've HEARD THEM ALL BEFORE!!! None of them have come out with ANYTHING original yet. AND we are the ones who have a stable long term relationship, methinks jealousy is somewher at the root of it.
Or they have a warped view of women for some psychological reason.
Ah well such is life!!
Its a pisser when we have to waste time doin this cos none of you think to look at our PROFILE, its there for a REASON!
One silly sod thought it was funny when i chastised him, as he was using his mates computer.Doesnt seem like much of a friend if he's letting him get the blame does he?
So far we havent reported anybody but we will one day if you get us,especially ME, in the wrong mood so BE WARNED!!
To all you nice decent "normal" people (who dont really exist, we all have our little quirks) thanks for watching and being pleasant. We enjoy chatting to people like you very much.
Well i've blown off some steam so ta ta for now and happy huntin!xxxxxxxxxxx

redmustang91 57M  
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12/16/2005 8:37 am

Some people got degraded as kids and think sex is degrading so they are into degrading... As long as it is just words what is the harm if that is how they get off?

luv2cum2003 51M/45F

1/7/2006 2:33 pm

We hear ya, fuck those jerk offs! You guys are sexy. Have fun and stay naked!

rm_KatCol5543 63M/61F
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7/18/2008 8:32 am

We cant agree with you more why should you take abuse verbal or otherwise get them reported after all its your broadcast... fortunately, we have never received abuse we do get the pushy ones who want more than you are willing to offer but we normally just ignore why let them spoil your fun... have fun stay safe K & C xx

OldButGood54 72M
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8/18/2008 3:33 pm

I must agree if people can't say anything nice, please do not say anything at all. I for one, think that we are very lucky to have ladies such as yourself who is so kind to let us males view you and enjoy what you have to offer, and from what I have seen it is great. The main thing is enjoy what you do and all the best in in all and any sexual activity you wish to participate in. Those who do not enjoy the same things as yourself, too bad, they are the ones who are missing out and really shouldn't be participating in a Form such as this, as it gives the various individuals the right to do, say, act, participate, masturbate, fuck, suck males or females or any other such activities that they might want to participate in. I for one just enjoy those who give me the opportunity to watch and yes! sometimes even participate in some manner, be that via the internet or in person. Do what you want and thank you for making it available to those of us, who do enjoy it. Bob

LoomsAsterJones 57M/57F

1/26/2010 7:11 am

stopped camming because it was more stress than the joy it gave us..sad really cos we loved camming...but now I think you can block your cam broadcast, but not the IMs that flood in..these idiots are self destructing but cant see it...hope to cam again at some point and agrree with the blog 100% just our take on it x

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