One adventure, two adventure, three adventure, MORE!  

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9/5/2005 6:52 am

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One adventure, two adventure, three adventure, MORE!

Heres our story. It all started three weekends ago, at of all places, here on AdultFriendFinder. At first we were somewhat nervous about how we had made these plans without his Ms."L" knowing about it. You see my Ms."D" was chatting with him back and forth for a couple of days prior to us setting this up, and then she informed me of their conversations. After we met here all seemed to be going well and he wanted to massage his wife"L" in to getting together with us. So we sort of set her up with out her knowing at first what was going on.

So here we are at TGI Fridays somwhere in central Jersey, making small talk and having a few drinks. At first sight I was intrigued by his wifes appearance, just adorable, I had to have some, but how? He and my half were hitting it off wonderfully and we all were getting along so well it was nothing less than perfect. After about an hour or two of conversation, much to our surprise his wife says "we have a hot tub, why dont you come back to our place for some drinks?" Ding, Ding, Ding, went the bells in my head!!. Without alot of hesitation we were out the door and on the way to what has become a fantastic and somewhat weekly fuck fest. Allow me to explain.

Appon arrival back to therir home, we made a few drinks and were shown around their home. I must interject that these people are not just great lovers for my mate and I but incredible people as well. We totally enjoy our time with them and hope to have many years of fun and good times with them, we are hoping that they feel the same. Any way soon it was off with the clothes and in to the hot tub, drinks in hand and our alternate partners in towe. Everything begins very sultry with his wife straddling me and kissing me very gently on the lips, what an incredible kisser!! For some one who was supposed to be a little nervous she was doing just fine! I started by gently feeling her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples, she began to smile with delight and arousal. I then look over to my other half who now has her legs wrapped around my partners husband and she is slowly but confidently burrying his cock in to her slit. She is begining to moan with absoloute delight, this is a major turn on for me, for I want her to have a completely nonresricted experience, and apparently she is. It does my heart alot of good to see her so turned on. Now my partner is playing with my cock in her hand and is stroking me long and slow, almost as if she has fucked me and played with me for years!!
My cock is fully erect and ready for some serious penetration of her willing pussy. She begins to ride me, long and slow, taking every inch of my cock right to the stump, the look on her face is as if she can not get enough. The bubbles, the water, her pussy slowly sucking me in...... WOW! No words to describe, It is like a drug!

At this point my wife and he have moved to the pool in the yard nextdoor and are at this point having lots of fun, I can hear them slapping with the sound of deep anal penetration and she is loving it. My wife is totally in to this guy I'm thinking, I am so in to his wife, "please GOD don't let this evening end!!" I then hear D cum from the yard next door and I am so happy she is getting fucked so good, it seems like he can go forever! I wish I had his stamina, and could please her like that. But I satisfy her in other ways, so it all balances out.

D & B head back to the tub to see how things are progressing and now L has my erect cock in her hand again, B comes over to check on her and realizes that all is fine here and watches his wife continue to have unnabashed fun with my unit!! D comes over and kisses me and wathches as I again play with L's succulent tits, then they get in to the tub again, to warm up, round two or three for them now. I am thinking " Honey, just keep fucking this guy, and fuck him good!" and she does.

L and I then take things in to the bedroom, for a little change of connection, she has stated that she wants to try a couple of different positions and I am happy to ablidge her. I at this point have made her cum twice in the tub and I once already on her tits and am thinking "can all of this be real, or a dream? I am fucking the shit out of this woman and she wants more and more". I don't want it to end, I just love the way she feels inside, so smooth and accepting of my advances, seemingly without limits!!

Now in the bedroom, I ease her up on to her knees and slowly feed her the rod she wants, deep in to her hole, as I watch her hands grip the pillows, I know she is feeling good, so I start to sroke her slowly as she says "hrder, fuck me harder." Now it gets good, I am now ramming my 7 plus inches in and out of her dripping, and I mean dripping pussy, I can feel her cum drip once or twice off of by balls as they slap against her open lips. Then we flip for what seems to be her favorite, Now she is riding me again, my cock so hard, holy shit!!! She cums again and we slowly come to a stop, she falls in to me as if in a state of complete comfort and contentment. (This is important to both myself and my wife, because we do not ever want to have people think that we are just about the juice, but also about the person. I need to feel that connection and comfort level.) She is trembling form the orgasm, her legs are shakning and I am wondering is she ok? Well she must have been, She has come back two more times for more with me in the weeks that followed.

As for D and B, well it sort of goes like this, D mentions him or his cock, or how much fun she has with him on almost a daily basis. They definitedly have a genuine connection, physically, and chemically. She really enjoys his attention and trusts him, as I trust him with her. I hope that these sort of evenings fill our lives for years to come with this couple. They are definitely some of the most wonderful all around people we know. If you ever get to know who we are talking about, you will understand. If not, just know that we are enjoying them in your place.
Note: this was our first evening, there are two more to come in the day to follow.


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