It Was Bound To Happen...  

heavn1 55F
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9/8/2006 8:59 pm

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10/1/2006 7:28 pm

It Was Bound To Happen...

...and trust me, it did.

This morning, as I was sitting here drinking my coffee and reading Mzhuny's blog for the day (I swear, no day has officially started until I read what this woman has written!) and just taking my time, when the phone rings. Not a good thing when you're drinking hot coffee over a keyboard, trust me on this (and please don't ask how I know) . I check the caller ID and sort of recognize the number, so I figure it's ok to answer it. I won't answer numbers I don't know or that say toll-free, it just simply isn't worth my time.

Anyway, I politely say hello and hear a most obnoxious voice screaming in my ear about services he offers through his company and how wonderful a deal this is and how can I honestly pass up these fantastic savings? He goes on and on, not listening to me when I say no thank you sir, but keeps right on talking louder and louder. I have no earthly idea of what it is this demon from hell is talking about, so I hang up. Immediately, the phone rings again, so I pick it up and remain quiet, not saying anything. This man is incredible! Yall, he didn't miss a beat, but kept right on talking as if nothing had happened and he never missed a beat. I finally say ok, I want it and how soon can I get it installed? He suddenly gets quiet and starts stammering. I don't mean here and there stutters, I mean in-your-face, non-stop, continuous, I-need-a-face-shield-to-keep-from-drowning, stuttering. And he's still yelling! I check the volume on my phone and it's at 2, where I always keep it. So then, he yells for my information. I make up some bogus info and give it to him, just waiting for him to catch on. He doesn't. He asked for my phone number, and I jumped. "What do you mean what's my phone number? You called me twice and you have the nerve to ask me for my number again?" He stutters through something about needing to verify the number to make sure it's correct, to which I reply back at him "Well, obviously it has to be correct since you called me at this number twice and I answered both times." Naturally, I have to speak to a supervisor for verification purposes (I gave up trying to ask to speak to one after he yelled the fourth sentence). So, I waited.

The supervisor came on, a very nice and soft spoken man. How do I know? Because dimwit had yelled for so long and so loudly that I was now deaf! He asked me for my name, and I gave him a different one than I had given dimwit. He asked for my address, and again, I gave something different. He then stated that I was ordering whatever it was (some kind of life insurance supplement, I believe), and I corrected him and told him "oh no sir, that isn't what I ordered at all! The other man said that I'd won lawn care services for a whole year! And that's what I want"

I heard a softly spoken murmur with obscenities, and believe me, it took all I had not to bust out laughing. The gentleman apologized profusely and restated the policy stipulations. I listened and when he was done asked politely "so if I don't take this offer, does that mean I don't get lawn care from you?"

He hung up.

Now, I don't get it. Why do some people feel they have to be rude to do their jobs? I understand most people have to work, and I understand that telephone solicitors have a difficult time making contact with the public, but daggone, that's no reason to be rude or inconsiderate to people. I don't know about these folks, but to think they speak to others that way and then go home and kiss their mama's with that mouth. Gives me some serious willies!

What are some techniques you've tried with telephone solicitations?


cyberluvr1957 59M

9/8/2006 11:37 pm

Actually I have fun with telephone solicitors, I start gabbing about things like there family, my family, I make jokes and totally try to throw them off the track of the reason they really called me about, sometime being really outrageous, just for fun if it is a female I make like I am trying to make a date with them. I loved your post!

~~~Have Condoms, Will Travel~~~

.......Stay Happy, Stay Safe, Stay Well........

heavn1 55F

9/9/2006 10:06 am

LOLOLOL...yall are such a hoot!


drivinthrough 61M

9/9/2006 6:12 pm

since all I have is a cell phone I don't get solicitors.

potbelliedman 41M
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9/27/2006 6:46 pm

This one works best if it's a phone company.
I told them (speaking in a sling blade type of voice.) that the only person I ever call long distance is my priest because he sometimes has to exercise a demon that lives in my ass.
They will stay on the line believe me....
Anyways, I then start to go into what its like when the demon takes over, and what the priest does to help over the phone.
I then tell them to hang on because I have to poop.
They will actually keep talking so I tell them I have to turn on my sink so they don't hear me poo...then I grunt a lot, and cry out "Oh god, Let it pass...or ....Save me Lord...
I ask them to pray with me, and ask it they have accepted Jesus in their lives.
I then ask them to sing on a hill far away stood an old rugged cross with me because I can feel the demon coming.
This gives me an excuse to hang up if they actually stay this long....but none of them ever had.
Now thats what I do when I wanna fuck with them....if I am in a hurry I just tell them I'm gonna save them time and hang up.
Try the demon one though....If you can record it, because they say the damnedest things to try to make the sale, but after a while you can tell they are getting spooked.

heavn1 55F

10/1/2006 7:28 pm

oh holy, am laughing too hard to type!


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