Not Being Able to See Whats Right in Front of Your Face  

heavensent11236 52F
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7/25/2006 6:08 pm

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1/20/2007 2:46 pm

Not Being Able to See Whats Right in Front of Your Face

This is my take on things, as stated in the above, your opinion may be different.
Why is it people can not see what is right in front of their faces?
It's so high school. There's a particular someone thats having a party, by invite ONLY of course. I gotta be upfront and say I couldn't care less about it.
I was curious about what the party was about so I read. What I read just reaffirmed that I don't want to even know said person.
I'm wondering could she possibly be ruder or more hurtful to people or is that what she's like in real life. I've never talked to her personally and don't plan to anytime in the near future after what I just read.
She was completely rude and nasty to complete strangers who accidentally misread the post as an open invite.
Did I invite you??????? Also, certain people not being invited and the really mean things that she said to them. If you doubt what I'm saying is true, it's there for public viewing.
What amazes me is that people are falling all over themselves to actually attend this party. Some are actually GROVELING, begging to be invited. It's so high school. People that I gave more credit to than that, people that I thought were stand up kind of people, that wouldn't associate with others who KNOWINGLY and with joy and malice actually intentionally hurt others.
Take the blinders off people, read the post for yourself. Read the attacks and flat out meanness she inflicts on others. You wanna hang with that kind of person I guess the group changed alot more than I had thought, and I'm not saying that in a good way.

softnlush 53F

7/26/2006 5:50 am

Hey I am all for by invitation only get togethers,it is a nice way of hanging out with the people you truly want to hang with..I am gathering from this post,the "invite only" was mentioned on the main board..why? See,when I have my get together,I will simply send either an email through AdultFriendFinder individually,or email those I know and mention names of whom I want and let the word of mouth happen that way,but to have a by invitation an open forum..well,people are gonna think it IS open to the group..makes sense..why have an exclusive by invite only party..and then post it openly on the board..yes,to hurt some feelings,cause you know there are probably some who are feeling,wow..I was not invited?,that person does not want me around,of course that person does not want you around or you would have been invited,right? So why do a private party and announce it on an open board? That is just ..stupid LOL.

To be honest,I have been reading the board periodically,and I missed this party invite at first,so after I read your post I looked for it..and yea,the whole "did I invite you????" was uncalled for,and mean spirited,maybe that person should have sent them a private message instead of making this person who thought it was an open invite feel absolutely unwanted..and if I were that person I would probably leave the group being a newbie and all,I mean if that is the kind of response I get,I would not want to stick around for the main event ya know what I mean?..But then again,that particular poster has been known to pointedly diss people on the board and in person,she gave my best friend her back twice at an event,unforgiveable to me and the only reason I really have no use for them,do not be rude to people,do not turn your back on people,especially when YOU interrupted their conversation with someone..yep that is exactly what happened,Blu was talking to a certain gentleman,that person walked into the room and literally walked in between Blu and the gentleman and began to talk to the gentleman Blu was talking to,and when Blu maneuvered herself back into the conversation that she began,the other person gave her the back again literally pushing her out of the conversation..real nice eh? So yea I am just considering the source here,so no real surprises.

It is just not worth it Heaven,think about it,do you really care if you are not part of the chosen ones? Isn't it best to just be and be glad you are not that type of person? I know I am..and trust me what goes around,comes always does,eventually..keep yer chin up chica

_Bound4Pleasure 50F
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7/26/2006 6:15 am

Im not taking sides here but I think I should clarify something...
the pool part that you are speaking of, was posted on the message board, EVERYONE was invited...
however, in order to get the time and location, you had to contact the hostess so she could send you an "E-Vite" with all of the specifics!

Blonde4u, was complaining to me about her not being "invited" that was NOT the hostess's reply to Blonde...
it was
"Umm Blonde... I dont recall sending you an evite???? did i?"

She asked that, so in the event that blonde didnt get one, she could send her one ASAP

I explained this to Blonde, LONG before the hostess's reply to her, Blonde of course did not believe me, and posted her reply....

Like I said, Im not taking sides, but it seems as though this has been taken out of context...

Xeryien 51M
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7/26/2006 8:46 am

Oooof... After finally figuring out what everyone has been talking about (I never read the original post, because I knew I couldn't make it) - I am kinda with Bound...

It seems to have been a bit of miscommunication, and taken out of context, but the hostess apologized....

Well, my two cents....

heavensent11236 52F

7/26/2006 7:43 pm

SNL, NOWHERE in that post did it mention by invitation only, that was the FIRST part of the post, exactly HOW are people suppose to know there are 2 parts to a post????? And by saying, I only have one slot left for newbies, guess that means I only have one slot left for a newbie and you are definately not going to be that person huh? So, she can lie all she wants, and pretend she didn't do it on purpose, but those words, Um, I didn't invite you, did I? I only have one slot left for newbies said it all.

heavensent11236 52F

7/27/2006 6:51 pm

And Bound take up for her all you want, but it ain't flying with me. I MIGHT have been able to say ok I took what she said out of context until I read what she wrote a couple of lines further. "If you read the post then you know its by invitation only, how else are you suppose to know blah, blah, blah. Besides I only have one slot left for newbies. If you can read that and not see what I saw then your blind.

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