Who will help me ?  

heavenly_body39 60F
740 posts
10/12/2005 5:44 pm

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3/21/2006 11:09 pm

Who will help me ?

Make it to 300 comments? I confess, I am fascinated by the numbers as I watch you read me...

hugs and kisses !

RailBaron2 54M

10/12/2005 10:41 pm

Hi Heavenly,how far away are you from your 300? Jim

heavenly_body39 60F
157 posts
10/12/2005 11:31 pm

jim. just one, now!!

RailBaron2 54M

10/13/2005 5:03 am

Well in that case here's your # 300

ahughjardon 61
56 posts
10/13/2005 5:22 am

Heavenly, does that make me 300? Let's celebrate! (I'll bring the cheesecake! What's your favorite flavor?) Ahugh

heavenly_body39 60F
157 posts
10/13/2005 6:18 am

thanks, all you readers!! i am now the second-most read blog in the state of washington! tillerbabe is number 1...be sure you check out her blog, too!


and a special one to 4nik for getting me over the top!!

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
2501 posts
10/13/2005 6:23 am

I want to take you there!!!!

crazyname67 49M

10/13/2005 1:47 pm

ok - I'll help you out. Plus you said my last comment was the first, but actually I had commented previously... you must have missed it. Thanx for you visit too. Hope you have a good day.

rm_anacortes 74M
2850 posts
10/13/2005 3:56 pm

Oh yesss baby.... keep it up..

How are things? .. need I worry?


ahughjardon 61
56 posts
10/14/2005 7:13 pm

VERY strange, Heavenly? You thanked nik 5 minutes before his post! Even stranger is my earlier post which put you at 300 is no longer here! I don't understand. Congrats anyway, Ahugh

heavenly_body39 60F
157 posts
10/15/2005 7:52 am

really, a hugh? well i should be giving YOU the credit...thank you and thank you for being such a loyal reader and friend



ahughjardon 61
56 posts
10/15/2005 12:06 pm

Yeah Heavenly! I just suggested we celebrate and I'd bring the cheesecake! Enjoy the blogs, will keep reading! Hugs back, Ahugh

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