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8/31/2005 6:42 am

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I look around the corners of this room I call my life and at times question how well it's been cleaned, lately. As a responsible, at times perfectionistic adult, I often see dust bunnies, smudges on walls, untidiness.

But at other times it looks to be in reasonably fine shape; this room appears colorful, vibrant, with beautiful artwork and interesting light streaming through the windows.

In all ways, I live my life 'balls out' because I truly believe it's unpredictable but always too damn short. I do not want to reach the age of 80, look back and say regretfully 'I wish I had.....' Now is the time to live life fully.

Now- Today- with my body and mind intact, my heart and soul peacefully connected...I love this room: color, light, dustbunnies and all.

two41and14two 55M/49F

8/31/2005 10:17 am

I think I've told u my favorite quote, "God is a circle whose center is everywhere; circumference nowhere" Then replace "God" with "Love" as in 1st John 4:8 "Whoever does not love does not know God,for God is love." Then... the last line of my favorite poem, "This bed thy center is, these walls thy sphere." and I would reply to you that your "room, color,light, dustbunnies and all" (especially your bed) can be your center... that perhaps finding your bed, your love, is simply what has always been intended for you. Sometimes I look so hard I forget where I am.

two41and14two 55M/49F

8/31/2005 10:41 am

Here is the poem, that could just as well be about your bed, in your room. It is about lovers who want to sleep in and bask is the glorious love. They've definitely found their "center". I'll include the footnot at the end.

by John Donne 1633

Busy old fool, unruly sun,
Why dost thou thus,
Through windows and through curtains call on us?
Must thy motions lovers' seasons run?
Saucy pendantic wretch, go chide
late schoolboys and sour prentices,
Go tell court huntsman that the king will ride,
Call country ants to harvest offices;
Love, all alike, no season knows no clime,
Nor hours, days, months, which are the rags of time.

Thy beams, so reverend and strong
Why shouldst thou think?
I could eclipse and cloud them with a wink,
But that I would not lose her sight so long;
If her eyes have not blinded thine,
Look and tomorrow late, tell me,
Whether both th' Indias of spice and mine
Be where thou leftst them, or lie here with me today,
And thou shalt hear, All here in one bed lay.

She is all states, and all princes I,
Nothing else is.
Princes do but play us; compared to this,
All honor's mimic, all wealth alchemy.
Thou, sun, art half as happy as we,
In that the world's contracted thus;
Thine age asks ease, and since thy duties be
To warm the world that's done in warming us.
Shine here to us, and though art everywhere;
This bed thy center is*, these walls thy sphere.
* As the earth was the center of the sun's orbit (according to the old Ptolemaic astronomy), so the bed will be the new center of the sun's activities, and the walls of the bedroom will outilne its motion.

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8/31/2005 10:51 am

I remember reading, some time ago, an article about an extremely old lady (she was like 110 or something). They asked her what was the biggest difference between being young and being old.

She said, "When you're young you regret what you've done; when you're old you regret what you didn't do."

Just as a little aside, another interesting thing about her was her sleeping pattern. She would sleep for two days straight, and be ready to go the rest of the week.

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8/31/2005 11:00 am

There will always be two ways to see things, negatively and positively. It is how we use these that determines our state. When you see a negative, don't study the fact that it is negative, rather see it as a baseline for things that better, thereby turning that negative thought or view to a positve one. In Martial Arts teachings there is Ying and Yang, opposite but equal. It is a balance, night & day, on & off, full & empty, strong & weak. It brings harmony through balance. Ok, I'll stop rambling now!

rm_ubercutecpl 39M/36F

8/31/2005 7:47 pm

your post was simple honest and true, something beautiful and sometimes rare these days, thank you for it. personally, i think your feelings about your surroundings are an extension of your feeling about yourself. you find yourself happy with yourself, dustbunnies and all, and that is beautiful.

kokpelli_999 61M

9/2/2005 10:17 am

At 80, looking forward. I've came to the realization that my soul is eternal. This life is but one of innumerable expereinces for my soul. T I will have more. I used to attempt to pack every moment full. Now each moment is savored. It is very hard to explain. My future is much less distracting from the moment now. It's called, being. As I let the moment be it intesifies the experience. The sensation of sliding into a hot bath after being chilled to the bone.

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