Italy, continued...  

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9/15/2005 10:36 am

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Italy, continued...

It was a bright sunny warm morning when my flight arrived in Rome, a year ago. I had slept between my two religious men on the plane so felt reasonably refreshed and ready for an adventure. I was alone but had planned to meet my two traveling companions later that evening and the following morning. I had the day to myself: alone, with only an address of a B and B several miles out on the coast, no ability to speak Italian, a marginal phrase book, limited cash, and...a whole world to explore!

Father Filipino from the flight found me in the airport, introduced himself, and showed me to the cabbie station. I gestured to a cabbie, showed him the map to my B&B and he scratched his head, hour later, 50 euros on the meter, several stops along the way, a minor traffic accident (our fault)...I found myself at this small mother in law unit on a coastal town 20 miles north of Rome. The owners were polite but spoke only German and French did not help us...but they were good-natured and kind and laughed as I gestured "which way to the beach?"

A mile or two, west, they answered, so I slipped on my bikini, threw on some shorts and took off walking along this narrow road to the beach.

The smell of warm olive groves; the warm oily smell of the Mediterranean on the mild breeze, the smell of the weeds and dirt in the farmlands are what I remember most about that day. Italy smells wonderfully different to me.

Of course the distance was more like 6 miles, so I began to get a bit tired. The cars were buzzing past me with only a very narrow shoulder and I realized at the time how dangerous it was. Still and all, I was so loving the day and the adventure. One banged-up little Fiat drove past; the driver honked, I waved back. It slowed down, stopped, then reversed direction until the driver was next to me.

An older farmer smiled...missing teeth, grizzled face. He gestured to get in, he would give me a ride. I hesitated only a second. My senses told me he was harmless enough. He had a big crate of grapes drawing flies in the front seat; watermelon in the back which he had to move to make way for me. I climbed in, smiling at myself.

He caught my eye in the rear view mirror. "Bella, bella" he murmured.

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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9/15/2005 1:01 pm

In any language... you are!

watsyername 56M

9/15/2005 4:43 pm

like grapes?

ahughjardon 61
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9/15/2005 6:24 pm

I'd have said bella more than twice!

heavenly_body39 60F
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9/15/2005 6:36 pm

lol well 'bella' was one of the few italian words i knew...

and me, a blonde woman in a camisole over my black

how naive of me! what a natural tease

tongueandhung4 58M  
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9/15/2005 9:46 pm

Thanks for chapter II, why you naughty little tease, didn't anyone warn you about life in Italy? .......................Is chapter III forthcuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuming? Some Chianti perhaps?

heavenly_body39 60F
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9/16/2005 6:52 am

no i knew about italian men and their reputation as horn dogs. but it was so wonderfully refreshing to be in such a culture of delight in all things sensual. Italian men's open enjoymet of women was so delicious and welcome i thrived in it.

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