Italy, Chapter 3  

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9/16/2005 6:55 am

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Italy, Chapter 3

...At this point, I began to look more carefully at my vulnerability and I began seeing myself as this Italian farmer might; blonde, dressed in summer clothing, alone, walking along a beach road in the countryside...mmm...alone.

With gestures and Italian which he slowed down to single words (didn't help much) he was able to find out if I was married and whether or not I wanted to make love. I told him, 'no, thank you, I'm going to the beach.'

So he slowed the car to a stop, offered me some grapes, helped me climb out of the backseat and was placidly on his way. Before he left me on the side of the road, he could not resist reaching out to stroke my bare upper arm. 'Ah, si bella, bella', he said again, and was on his way.

And funny, I was disappointed not to have gotten a ride all the way. He must have known the beach was another three miles, long past his turn.

After a wonderful afternoon lying topless on the beach watching young Italian women and their mother frolicking, breasts bouncing, and an older man casting a net in the surf I headed back to my B&B. After a nap it was time to greet one of my traveling friends who arrived later that evening to take me to a memorable dinner.

What a wonderful adventure this was going to be, beginning with a perfect day.

tongueandhung4 58M  
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9/19/2005 8:49 pm

It's interesting that you foresaked Rome for the countryside, probably a good choice to decompress. I had planned to go to Europe last year but life got in the way, but I have already booked my flight for next is too short to not revel in it....................and the next chapter?

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