I love Words...A Contest!  

heavenly_body39 60F
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10/3/2005 7:48 am

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3/21/2006 11:13 pm

I love Words...A Contest!

Hi Readers: I am a lover of Words! I challenge you to seek out, and use, a new word today, then come back and tell my blog...

Here's *my* word of the day: 'motley' adj., ...meaning heterogeneous... (not having anything to do with crudity, as I had predicted).

Now, your turn!

Redjeep91 57M

10/3/2005 10:23 am

In the past ages, it refered to those who were unrulely as in the "motley crew" (not the band), those who were the loudest and most intense watchers that sat at the front of the stage in the "pit", during stage perfomances. At comideies, they were loudest laughers and encouraged the actors. Also it refers to those that are different seeming not to belong together.

heavenly_body39 60F
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10/3/2005 6:07 pm

why, thank you redjeep, for the useful vocabulary lesson...but wait!...you didn't leave any words of your own...hmmm

rm_Rookie128 49M

10/3/2005 9:23 pm

My contest entry is coquetry. Most blog entries by heavenly body strike me as a coquetry. When will the winner and prize be announced?

kokpelli_999 61M

10/3/2005 9:54 pm

He succinctly asked "Wanna fuck?" /^\

Heavenly, I just couldn't help myself.


rm_vipercb 41M
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10/3/2005 10:38 pm

Onanism,Noun: some thing I would have to do after your video shoot.

heavenly_body39 60F
157 posts
10/3/2005 11:53 pm

hahaha rookie ...dontcha know, we are ALL winners, in our own style??

your word and comment remind me of something someone once said, 'she runs away, only to allow a few to catch her...'

and the prize may not be what you really seek, either...

heavenly_body39 60F
157 posts
10/3/2005 11:55 pm

kok...not tonight, dear! i am patiently waiting til thursday...

tillerbabe 56F

10/4/2005 12:43 am

This is fun!!!!!!{=}

"hegemony" - dominance or control

The handcuffs he bound me with was a symbol of his hegemony over me....

Kok- you are a very "Bad Boy"... (giggle)

heavenly_body39 60F
157 posts
10/4/2005 6:20 am

nice, folks, keep going, although i am beginning to notice a distinct 'theme', no??! lol

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
2501 posts
10/4/2005 7:12 am

My word is "ascendant". "There was no question as to who the ascendant one in the group was".

Ascendant;adj. superior to all others in power, influence or importance. Dominant.

Thank you, Thank you very much! Pass me the handcuffs!

heavenly_body39 60F
157 posts
10/4/2005 1:04 pm

lol, nik, your word reminds me of the old brit play on words: 'the queen ascended (pronounced as 'ass-ended) the throne...

ok here's another word: coprolite (it means 'fossilized dung')

so an old fart might be full of coprolite(s)??

lol heaven help we should become old farts, at ANY age!!

EdgeofdesireM 47M

10/4/2005 1:57 pm

I'll take my cue from Elle Driver in Kill Bill 2:

"The amount of venom that can be delivered from a single bite can be gargantuan. You know, I've always liked that word..."gargantuan"... so rarely have an opportunity to use it in a sentence."

In whispered breath
He revealed to her
His gargantuan intents

tillerbabe 56F

10/5/2005 12:14 am


The ascendant used his hegemony seduction to make me roll over, open my legs and wrap myself around him as he held my hands above my head....

two41and14two 55M/49F

10/14/2005 10:08 am

mmmm... i love words like paint
changing in the light and with our mood

i subscribe to centrum daily essentials word of the day... lets see some good words from this last week or so.

A sign or mark of sanction or approval.

An area of activity in which one is most expert, successful, or happy; one's forte.

Appealing to the higher emotions or to the aesthetic sense.

Occurring in two distinct forms or combining qualities of two kinds of individuals in one.

now to make a sentence from this week's vocabulary words...

His hand entwined in her hair, his breathing paused, an imprimatur that a numious bj before dimorphic sex was her metier.

lol. too much fun.

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