Have you ever had a "Tucker-inner"?  

heavenly_body39 60F
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8/27/2005 6:32 am

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5/24/2006 5:43 am

Have you ever had a "Tucker-inner"?

The scene: me, dewey, warm, scented with soap fresh from a shower, naked. In my bed, draped in sheer white overhanging canopy moving in the summer evening breeze, on white sheets. Three candles are lit on the bedside table...

He enters, joins me in bed, making sweet love to me that sates us both. I offer; he accepts a massage. I fall asleep afterwards on his back...my slight weight comforts him. We both doze, he at midnight arises sleepily, dresses quietly, kisses me softly and leaves.

I would rather he stay...but knowing he cannot, it is the next best thing. I love sleepy fall asleep sex, and I love being 'tucked in'...

Have you men ever had this opportunity? Women, do you have a favorite 'tucker-inner'?

windancer66 51M

8/29/2005 4:32 pm

Seduction is such a delicious word. In a few of my courtships, in the time period before we became lovers or were even just spending the night, I have packed avery special bag and gone to her house. I would fix her a lovely meal which we would share over candleligh, and then slip from the bedroom to allow her to undress, returning when she ws only wearing some panites and tucked into her bed. From my bag I would pull several candles and light them, and if she did not have a CD player in the room I would pull that from my bag and start the music. Oil that had been warmed in a glass would soon be used to cover her back, neck, legs, and arms. My goal was simple, to leave in the silence of the ight knowing that she had drifted off to sleap to my touch, and to wake toe trelaxing feeling of being massaged, and rose pedals surrounding her. Some women sleep heavy and some light, and for light sleepers in may take as much as two hours before their bodies relaz enough in the presence of a stranger to allow them to drift off to sleep. But every time I have done this, I have looked forward to the one thing made it all worth while. The call the followng morning saying thank you for the beautiful evening. I do not reserve this for just courtship, but als for women I have been seeing exclusively for years and in that case sometimes the massage does lead to semi consiousness state of lovemaking that is encapuselated by the wine we drank and the massage that just concluded, and in those times the most special thing is listening to a lovers breat as you drift off to sleep, ahnd hearing it againg when you wake in the morning

heavenly_body39 60F
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8/29/2005 6:56 pm

wow windancer: very very nice.

hiker5756 60M

8/30/2005 10:01 am

Heavenly...great thoughts on the goodnight kiss and the tucking in. I was the tucker inner for about 4 years with a woman I dearly cared about until she moved away. I always loved kissing her and tucking her in for the night or ..even the morning when I would go to work. I loved the tender moments it gave both of us to connect at that one moment of extreme vulnerability and caring. she was always so lovely when I would kiss her and she would smile as I tucked her in. I think your heart is exploding with passion and desire for a man to devour you and have his mind and thoughts always on you.

You want to share this passion and feel a man show his passion to you. I think you want a romatnic man who will drop rose peddles at your feet.

I want to share something with you. After the passion of my life left we kept in touch and still do. Last year we were talking on the phone and she was listening to a radio contest with free tickets to see Heart. She lives on the east coast and me in seattle. She won the tickets for two. After talking for a few minutes we said good bye. The tickets were for a concert the next evening. I called the airlines and got reservations to fly that evening to see her and go to the concert with her. An hour later I called and asked if I could go to the concert with her. She was in tears ans so happy. The romantic part was....we saw the first Heart concert for this tour together the weekend before she left Washington. I too am a dreamie romantic. loving to share the passion with someone who knows how to recieve it. more ramblings from a romantic heart

kokpelli_999 61M

9/1/2005 3:56 pm

This brings to mind an experience I had in July.I'll will treasure it for all eternity.
My father past away on a Tuesday. Expectedly. All life support had been removed less than twentyfour hours earlier
I had a 6:30AM flight out of SEA on Thursday. Being over a hundred miles from SEA sometimes it's nicer to spend the night in Seattle than drive over at 2:30 in the morning. It all presented an opportunity to meet a woman I found very interesting. We'd met online. I emailed her and explained the situation. I asked her if she'd be interested in meeting for dinner. Now we could meet offline. We met at a restaruant within walking disatnace of my hotel. After dinner, we spent the evening going here and there. To some little shops. Then on to her place to check on a new pet, a hellion of a 6 week old kitten. The woman had been very gracious, and had offered to drive since see was much more familiar with the area than I. She took me to the Residents Inn where I was staying and joined me in my room. We had coffee. We had gotten to know each other very easily.
She spent the night with me. Totally unexpectedly. I hope she knows how comforting she was. To have a warm passionate woman as company prior to the trip home to bury my father was a blessing from a higherpower.4:30 came soon. I stretched and pulled her close to me. We began to make love. Predawn sex is so luxurious. The thoughts of what lay ahead for me that day came rushing in. I appologized to her. She consoled me her tender words "that's okay, I understand".
I shaved and showered. Got dressed. Packed. Before I left I kissed her in several places. She stirred and murmered "Your trust me here alone?",. I playfully bit here bum."Whole-heartedly baby" was my response. I never in my life would have imagined I would start such an inevitable journey that way.
The funeral was Saturday. We talked on the phone occasionaly.Chatted with one another via msngr. Made plans. I returned to SEA on Thursday. My flight landed around 4:30PM. I got into my car and headed north on I-5. As I drove to the Residence Inn I checked my voice-mail. I recognized the voice immediately. It was her. " Hello....I'm calling to let you know, there's a strange woman in your bathtub". A smile graced my face. Amazement filled my soul. One soul had left my life, and another had entered.

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