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He plowed into her, groaning with the warm slick feel of her, tight around his swollen cock. He liked to control, prolong his cumming as long as he could. OMG she was hot tonight; it had been two weeks since he had been in her oasis of a bed. He leaned over to hear her whisper, face shoved into sheets, "i want you to take my ass."

"You want me to cum in your ass or your pussy tonight?" he murmered in her ear. She paused only briefly, "my ass," she answered, knowing what this meant. "You sure?" She nodded her head, barely perceptively.

His was the thickest cock she had ever taken. He pulled out of her warm cunt, and pushed his head into the puckered entry to her ass. His head, white ly covered with her juices, pushed hard into her. She moaned as his head entered her. This act required complete focus from her as she relaxed into him, into the pain. "Baby, go slowly," she whispered as he stopped his pushing. Again she relaxed until he was in to the hilt. As he began to rhythmically pound into her tight ass flower she began to moan and cry.

He reached around her to help her frig her clit with his finger. Her pussy was wet with her need and he began to let go. "I want your cum, give it to me deep," she begged him. "You want it, slut, you want it in your ass, hard" he cried, jaws clenched. He held her hands in his behind her back now and he began to ride her, hard. As she began to spasm around his fingers, he rocketed into his own orgasm with a loud roar. Hot, slick, deep, tight, around his cock as he shot a huge load. He looked down at his hard cock thrusting until he had none left, then pulled out. Her assbud, still quivering, leaked his cum.

He pulled her close in to spoon her as he tenderly kissed her ear through the silk of her hair.

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