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3/24/2006 1:09 am

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I sit here in my chair avoiding my bed. I used to love that bed, my private oasis of sensuality and a symbol of my independence. I chose who joined me in my bed, and I usually had one or more 'tucker-inners'...men who would rock me to sleep then leave. Until all but one remained as the one chosen.

But now I avoid it because it just feels empty. There have been too many memories made in that bed this past near-year that still scent its white sheets, its linen cover. I wonder how long it will take for those memories to dry up and blow away in the breeze.

I see her, my lovely one and I grieve her need to protect me by staying away. And I see his back to me, not daring to look at me because he fears me so, eyes avoiding my truth. In my anger and pain he cannot stand to be in my life because at the moment it is overwhelming to him.

It is what it is...we make our choices, take the risks and you git what you git and ya don't throw a fit.

Good night all...peace, out.

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