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8/18/2006 3:31 am

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Angry ripples still creep in at times, for both of us. We talk it out, our faces close, our voices a whisper in my bedroom late at night.

Thank God we understand process and healing. Who knew that there could be so much baggage in two lifetimes? I knew.

But then there is the point of letting go. If you talk something to the ground, it gets old and gray and dead. And letting go of something old and gray and dead is easier than holding onto it.

He is next to me in bed as I write this, wondering how on earth I will wrap it all up. He is waiting for me to 'come to bed' so to speak. The beauty of laptops and wireless connections is that this blog, this creative conduit, this processor is a portable petri dish for baggage release.

We will go to the beach, we decided today...we have some memories to re-create and we will do it with each other. I will buy a kite; he will buy champagne and flowers and we together will run in the waves and make our own history. It will not erase the memories but it will help make new ones.

Who knows what baggage we will create in this lifetime? We will evolve and become better friends no matter what; and maybe in time we will get better at letting go.

I am turning off the light now. I hear Welsh sausage is on the menu.

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