A Year Ago  

heavenly_body39 60F
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9/14/2005 7:26 am

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A Year Ago

The dawn breaks; filtered light enters my bedroom as I awake to thoughts/memories of a year ago. In order to leave my life to travel to Italy with one of my best friends, I had to extricate myself from my life; I did so rather clumsily. But I found myself on a flight to NYC on that Thursday morning in September despite no one in my family wanting me to go.

They must have known the impact that three weeks of heady freedom would have on my restless soul. Three weeks of living joyfully, authentically, honestly. I took off my gold wedding band to sample the freedom this represented and I loved it. It went back on again only when I landed back at Seatac.

The flight to Rome found me sandwiched between two men; a Filipino Catholic priest returning to the Vatican for a year of study, and a young Bosnian who had just completed studies at an evangelical college. I knew we were in good hands as the priest crossed himself in prayer as our jet accelerated into takeoff. What fun, I thought, that I would spend my first night away in a man sandwich...available, or not!

It was, in retrospect, a harbinger of things to come...

tongueandhung4 58M  
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9/14/2005 8:14 am

It would appear that journey had a rather profound impact on your life, now Heavenly, how about the next chapter in your trip to Italy, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

two41and14two 55M/49F

9/14/2005 3:56 pm

better than fiction.. i love reading your surreal posts, don't stop
i love to live vicariously though you

rm_anacortes 74M
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9/15/2005 2:56 pm

I love "true" stories.. like the Rome one and any you might have from New Horizons, etc,.

One of my blogs was from my "Asia Story"


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