A Great Fuck, part 2  

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9/11/2005 8:24 pm

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A Great Fuck, part 2

Here is one of my first attempts at erotica. I have not been with this lover since March:

He calls; his voice with his accented English warm, purring, silky-soft in my ear. He wants me, he says, "are you free tonight?"

I think of all that I need to do tomorrow; it is late, long past ten, but still I hear my voice respond with a echoic purr...then rise up to shower and shave. My pussy must be absolutely smooth to complement his smooth taut skin, and it has been since morning since I have shaved. I think about this mountain of a man while the water cascades down my back. He is polyamorous; his wife knows of his ventures. He is coming to me tonight after spending time in bed with a lesbian couple he is good friends with.

I re-enter my bed, dewy and warm. I have lit some candles just as I hear his knock. I left the door unlocked so that he may enter and find me in my ethereal bed, awaiting him. Here he arrives, all six foot three solid muscled man, flanks long and thick, shoulders large and broad. He has to keep consuming calories; his metabolism is high in order to support all the muscle his body carries in a quiet, unassuming way. His genetic makeup includes some small amount of African; raised in England he was ridiculed as a child, never fit in... but tonight he has found a safe home in my bed. His genetic inheritance is noted only in his tell-tale 'black ass' and his full lips. Without a doubt he is an unconsciously graceful, beautiful man.

He is also an 'empath' he has told me, in previous meetings. I would have thought this to be a line but for his uncanny ability to read me so skillfully. He loves to tease me; he does this with so much skill it unnerves me.

He joins me in my quiet oasis, talking...we talk all the time because we thrill at each other's minds and unique perspective. Tonight he is venting about school; he is taking classes to become an RN. He is one of the brightest stars in his class but has a learning disability which makes every new task a minor struggle.

Kissing me, my throat where the pulse throbs, he then moves to my nipples which he knows by now I like sucked and licked, gently. Because I have such large nipples, many lovers like to grab, twist, pull, bite. The best ones have learned that I have near-orgasms from playing with them so gently that I ache. He smells good: like himself... earthy, smoldering, dark. He unties my silk pajama bottoms and slowly eases them down my legs. I begin to moan.

I moan softly at first. He licks my thighs, my labia with a gentle, darting tongue. He so enjoys the sight and taste of my shaved pussy that he is compelled to eat me with gusto. But he holds himself, and me, back. And here is where the 'great fuck' enters in...

He can, skillfully reading my body, bring me to the edge of orgasm...then back off. He will tease me verbally, challenging me not to cum, or if I do, he will stop. He playfully puts on the Dom role; not hard to do, given his size. He holds my hands, not letting me brace against him; he controls me masterfully until I am begging, pleading for my orgasm. He chuckles softly, smiling at my predicament. Eventually my begging becomes distraught so he nibbles, licks me to a screaming orgasm. Meanwhile, his own erection has risen because he is a man who truly loves eating pussy.

While I catch my breath, he waits, holding me, touching me, stroking me. I am sleepy in the candle glow but this man has his own desires so I begin. He loves having his nipples sucked, hard, so I do this. But he mostly loves his cock in my mouth, so I rise and crouch between his legs.

His cock is not huge but it is beautiful and perfect. I begin to tongue his head, feather-lick his balls, take him into my mouth to suck. He absolutely writhes in pleasure when I pull the head of his cock into my mouth and let it drag against the roof of my mouth. He cannot figure out what I do to him, but he knows he comes to see me because I bring his release when other women cannot. I slowly pull him in, let him fall out as my sucking mouth reaches the end of his cock...

Shall I continue or is this too boring for you to read?

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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9/12/2005 11:09 am

You know there is this point where a guy says Yeah, I like her a lot. I'd love to make love to her. Anything beyond this point is torture! You are killing me!

rm_anacortes 74M
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9/12/2005 12:33 pm


I am disappointed; in AdultFriendFinder readers..Seattle/ Puget Sounders..

A story teller.. the audience awaits..but in the dark only a lone voice says go on..

Hang in there!!!

tongueandhung4 58M  
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9/12/2005 1:52 pm

..................................yes and then your toungue circles your lips...............................yes please continue

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