More info just for you!!!  

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2/27/2005 6:36 pm

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More info just for you!!!

Ok I have been asked by many people abut the death of my wife... Just to set the record straight this was not a big surprise to me or the family. She was born with a birth defect in her hart causing it to enlarge and in the end just give out. What about a transplant you ask? Well she was qualified for the list when the shit really hit the fan.. To start off with there was the Stroke, followed by the A-fib in the hart causing her to have a very low tolerance to physical activity of any kind… All this happened starting 2 ½ years ago, and ended in December. Yes it is not easy to go trough, but the one thing we had talked about several time is yes life must go on…. No mater what!!! I have been a person with a sense of humor and always looking for things to make me laugh.. No drugs needed …

Any way I hope this has cleared things up a bit…


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