One month in, and I'm bored again!  

hazenoff 43M
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1/8/2006 2:53 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

One month in, and I'm bored again!

Well, one month into the AdultFriendFinder thing, and I find out that 99 percent of the people on here, are either just lookie loo's, or are only looking for other women. If your just looking for a woman, then do all of us a favor, and remove MEN from your seeking list.

Another thing that's pissed me off, is the people who want to be friends... were ya smoking fooken crack when ya signed up here? If I want a friend, I'll buy a dog. I came here to meet people with similar perversions, fetishes, etc... not so I could do things to you like the sun and the moon!

If you want true love, may I suggest looking on other websites! If your looking for fun, then your in the right place.

Another thing, if were just meeting up for fun, I don't need to know how many kids you have...maybe I'm old fashioned, but when I'm just meeting up with someone, I don't want visions of vomiting shit machines dancing in my head. Besides, I don't really intend on meeting your kids, etc.. unless were in a real relationship.. that way, no kids get hurt, and start looking up to me, just for you to kick me outta thier life.

Last gripe...AdultFriendFinder should take down profiles that are not active, or haven't been used in a year... waste our time, and makes the site look OH so full.. then when ya get here.. and pay the membership fee.. you go, JIP!

I basically recreated my profile as an anti-bs profile.. no lovey dovey crap...
Hope I don't offend too many people, but.. eh, I'd rather be honest, than to string women along like most guys do.

If ya wanna have some fun, then here I am.. if ya wanna get pregnant by some guy with no job, 3 teeth, who chews tobacco and drinks whiskey while your working.. there are TONS of guys out there... I am not one of them, if that's what your seeking...may I suggest the country music bar, or wayno's.

rm_kat197569 41F
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10/17/2006 9:19 pm

I agree with you about OLD posts. I see a good Pic and take the time to read it and hey they have not been online for 5 months!!! I like your new profile by the way. Your other one was scary LOL Just kidding.

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