Fat up??????????????????  

hazelbrown_31 43F
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4/5/2006 4:52 pm

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11/17/2010 3:08 pm

Fat up??????????????????

Someone please make me understand.......Are there a large number of people on this site that are just interested in wasting their time and others? I am sorta fat up at people (women- particularly) wasting my time and taking time out to respond to empty emails. I have found that people on here, mostly women respond to your profile, send you emails, winks, etc and when you respond to them, they don't write back. What is the sense of telling me you like my profile and are interested, but when I respond you don't RESPOND back. If you don't have the decency to respond when I take the time out to reply to your initial email, DON'T EMAIL ME AT ALL. This really irritates me and I am tired of women emailing me and talking sh$$, then when your bluff is called you don't write back. To all the women out there who are not real, don't waste my time. Where are all the real women anyway?. If you are out there-REAL WOMEN THAT IS, then this sexy, mature, attractive and let's not forget REAL woman wants to hear from you. For the rest, don't waste my $$$$$$ time, because the back and forth S$$$ just leads to a game of cat and mouse and I don't have time for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO PLEASE BE REAL and READY WHEN YOU EMAIL ME.

nappygurl 49F

3/12/2007 12:49 pm

Well I thought I was the only one who was dealing with the same bullshit....When I discovered this site i thought finally some open- minded and good to go women who know what they want. Honey if I was in your age category I would definitely holla at you in a way that would let you knwo that I am real. This island is got everyone living so sexually repressed,even if what there claiming on their profile says otherwise. It got to be a way to reach all you horny females and have you admit that YES I WANT IT. Maybe if we did fuck more often we would get rid of all these tired ole hang-ups. Hazelbrown I'm hearing you girl..Here's hoping the real women stand up or should I say get down the way we all wnat to.

hazelbrown_31 43F
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5/5/2007 3:57 pm

Hey Girl, glad to see that someone is hearing me...and sorry I am just seeing your response. AdultFriendFinder has got me so discourage, that you see how long it took me to see someone responded. I hardly come on this site anymore, because I am not expecting anyone to write, since it is so mcuh fake people out there. Holla at me girl, so we can chat...that's if you are still a memeber. Hazel..

nappygurl 49F

5/14/2007 6:11 pm

Well I am still on site..just about to call it quits myself..I took a chance on this and wrote for two reasons. One because I wanted to vent to someone who understood and two because I was so pissed that I was missing out on all the real ones, since signing on the only honest to goodness people looked like they gave up...So I wrote to your profile because I saw you hotlisted me and than to this cause....I was curious and want to continue to talk to level people..Anyhoo depending on what you check first lets meet in the sauna or if you feel safe in indulging an email address on my profile we can chat there too...lookin forward to hearing from you.

sensationalix 49F

10/2/2007 10:28 am

Check this....Never ever have I ever been on a sight quite like this one.....OMG...Did not realize that there could be so many fake ppl in one place.(more so the females) How many emails I myself have recieved and how many I did reply to and then BOOM nothing...The same freakin ppl are on here...looking to play a game or squirt all over there screen..not up for the real deal...why I ask because I think it is easy for someone to sit behind a computer screen and type away...type what ever your turn on or fantasy might be at that moment.....FAKE.... DO NOT WASTE MY TIME....i THOUGHT THIS SIGHT WAS FOR MATURE ADULTS..IS IT NOW..tHIS SIGHT SHOULD BE CALLED PATHETIC.COM...NOT PATHETIC.COM.

hazelbrown_31 43F
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10/9/2007 3:20 pm

Trust e I feel you...it doesn't change no matter how long you stay away. The fakes are still on AdultFriendFinder...lol..that's why I decided to change my membership back to standard, it doens't make sense and I don't see the sense in wasting MY money..for no apparent reason...

rm_69foryou32 40M
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12/22/2007 9:32 am

trust me if you hazelbrown get back at me i will not waste your time

bermudaguy03 46M
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1/7/2008 2:44 pm

yo '69..' thats the other thing on here that pisses off people-men and women.
dudes makin moves on 'people' that arent lookin 4 dudes.
u can say hi..

bermudaguy03 46M
45 posts
1/7/2008 2:49 pm

yo '69..' thats the other thing on here that pisses off people-men and women.
dudes makin moves on 'people' that arent lookin 4 dudes.
u can say hi..'HI HAZEL'
give em a compliment...'NICE BROWN SMOOTH BEHIND U GOT'

but dont b a pest.
i have 2 periodically check my profile(some people on here say u should anyway) to see if its changed to 'gay'. trust me,i dont have a problem with ANYBODYS sexual habits (belive me if u only knew) but ive been contacted by dozens of gay guys,and not just regular gay guys!

back on topic ,the ladies being full o shit ya i get that too. i think some people just like seeing the words on the screen!!!
oh yeah and HALF the single women on here ,bermuda or otherwise ,are dudes.probably big nasty hairy dudes!

rm_deadvantage 44M

5/29/2008 6:20 pm

Man, I must admit that these people, I mean a lot of them are bastards. I have had a bunch of guys hitting at me on this site. I know how a woman proposition a guy. The way these guys come onto you, you just know that its a dude.

I have always been a paid up gold member, however, when this one expires in August, thats it, am done with this site.

I have never had a serious woman on here who stick to their guns.

I should put it this way, the sex am getting on here is the sex I don't want and the sex I want is the one I cant get.

I see Hazel as a down to earth woman and into her game (Kudos) I have lady friends who I know propositioned her and didn't follow up, one was my friend.

These people are crazy man.

Am out


rm_1ME1976 40M  
180 posts
10/18/2008 2:59 am

hi ladies n gentleman..

anyways.. i have met a few fake people on here in bermuda n foreign...
@ the end day if u r honest with yourself... what else matters really?????

gentlemanmia 33M

3/4/2009 5:34 am

I can agree with you on this I sent kind words out and no reply it is like people are too lazy to respond its cool though watter under the bridge

Bermudapum1988 28F
1 post
4/12/2009 11:08 am

bombshell14 at hotmail holler!!!

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