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12/30/2005 5:46 pm

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Yes, I understand that you want me to suck your cock but is that really what I want right now? I mean sure, I take you all the way till you tickle against the back of my throat and my muscles surround and squeeze you as I swallow.

Shit, it all comes from being the baby of the family. Always in the need of attention. Or maybe it was because I was a thumbsucker and thumbsucker means cocksucker later in life. I find the best at oral had that little fixation as a child. Maybe we should plug a thumb into every baby's mouth so that we can create a race of fantastic linguists, oral olympians that can bring a crowd to it's feet or maybe it's knees. The chanting as the rhythm of a tongue stroke or the way a mouth moves up and down a nice thick cock, veins and blood pumping as hips move back and forth.

Oral Olympians, I like the sound of that. Maybe we could have our own games, with various sports. The 15 minute lick, teabagging, 7 seven yard many positions so little time..the frestyle swim!!

Okay now I have just gotten to the point of goofiness but I am quite sure you get the idea. So if you see a baby in the store, swipes its bo-bo-, binky, passy etc etc and sticks its thumb in it's mouth. The world will thank you for it in the long run!

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