Those three little words  

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1/1/2006 6:37 pm

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Those three little words

I always found it interesting that when one is forced into a corner they always come out fighting but when forced on their knees they always end up begging. I am a fighter and begger and I think most of us deep down are as well. We may have this tough as nails, "I'm going to eat you for breakfast" attitude but it all comes down to what it is worth to us.

Mmmm speaking of eating for breakfast I had the most delightful orgasm that way the other morning. I had gone out with my FWB (in case you are just tuning in to the show, that is my friend with benefits) and his brother and we hit the local gay dance club. There is just something about a group of people dressed in black grinding against one another on the dance floor. But damn so many very attractive men that are so VERY off limits due to their sexual orientation. Luckily I am an equal opportunity luster and would stop occassionally and comment to my FWB which girls I would definetly find fuckable. Too bad they all seemed to have girlfriends with them and I had my hands full as it was, with two ass cheeks that did not belong to me.

We stumbled out, tripping over trannies and midriff shirts ripped off as the temperature rose in the place. Little brother hooked up with one of the biggest men I had ever seen in my life. He was so mild manners just like a regular Clark Kent in designer duds that drove him back to FWB's just to return my phone before heading off for their own adventures. (Damn I was suppose to get the details but he never got around to giving them to me. *snap*)

Before going out that night I told them I was going to "take a little nap" before we went out and called to my macaco to come curl up with me only to have him find me mid-vibration. We had a quickie and he headed off to the shower while I laid down on the floor in front of the fan and vibed the hell out of myself some more. Sad thing is, I never came. So a little frustrated we headed out to the club which always makes your appetites a little wetter, a little hungrier. Though on the plus side he told me later on it was a huge turn on seeing me do that.

Last time I looked at the clock it was after 3:30a.m., my hearing had been somewhat restored and my body somewhat calmed. My phone began ringing at 9:30 the next morning, a great Flaming Lips song is my ring so it always wakes me up. "Do you realize, that you have the most beautiful face.", bringing back to last night when I was pressed against the cold window at my back and FWB leaning into me and whispering, 'I love you". Yep..he said it again...this time he did not take it back in the morning. Thought something may be said this is due to me finally saying it as he came in me from behind, hands on my hips, my back curled and lips meeting, I whispered the three little words.

He commented that I was more affectionate now that I had met his parents. Actually I think it is because it just happened to be the right time. I was mellow from the christmas spirit or maybe it was because I had missed us fucking since it seemed to have been so long since we were last together. When I mentioned I said the three little words in front of his brother he did his cute, "awww" thing and I walked away commenting, "yes those three little words, I hate you."....Okay so I did say I Love you but I refuse in this situation to be on my knees begging, I am more like a prize fighter in the corner, waiting for the sound of that bell.

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