The slide and the give....  

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1/17/2006 5:13 pm

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The slide and the give....

Sitting in the chair I felt the slide of the metal across my forearm. It would just take but a moment, just the right amount of pressure to allow the release of all the warm, fluidness of my life down onto the floor.

I trust you, explictly, otherwise I wouldn't be here letting you do your torturous things to me. It started out innocent enough at first. I remember the night we met, at an art gallery opening and we both stopped to admire a piece. I heard you exhale a comment regarding the work and I sided up to you and smiles, cocking my head and showing just a flash of teeth. It has always worked for me in the past but instead you walked away. I stood there for a moment, shocked and somehow disoriented once I had gotten a look at your eyes. They were like colorless pools of water, such a clear blue they appeared white. That moment I felt myself beginning to drown.

You continued your perusal of all the work and I follwed, stalking you thinking myself the hunter and you the prey. You rounded a corner and I went to follow. The next moment I was pressed against the wall, a knife at my neck and your mouth against my ear. I think that was the first moment I felt it. The pleasure in the fear.

We have been coming together, meeting occassionally a few times a month. You always the one to decide when and where and I the one unable to refuse your demands. It started slow, first you started just by using your nails before we moved on to impliments. You always make sure not to leave marks anyone else can always take care of your baby.

You say the time has come for us to take it a step further, for me to show my loyalty to you. I trust you....but I no longer can trust myself. I wince slightly as I feel the slide of the metal on my skin again. This time the cut is deeper and I can smell the tang of my own blood. I close my eyes and feel myself floating away, floating along a river of my own blood as it falls onto the floor....

I trust you....

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