The Adventures of Purple, a Harlot (part X) An ongoing series of fornication and frolick!  

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2/15/2006 5:41 pm

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The Adventures of Purple, a Harlot (part X) An ongoing series of fornication and frolick!

(She's Baaaaaack!!)
For those of you just tuning in we are returning to the life of the always vivacious, forever devious, "gonna kick your ass" bitch girl called Purple!

Last we saw of Purple she was getting down and dirty with two guys when she broke the nose of one of them. They put the "squeeze on her" till she passed out. She woke up in a room, drugged and incapacitated. Now we return to our program...


I lay there for a few more minutes, hell it could have been hours I wasn't certain before I tried standing again. This time I was able to make it to my feet but found myself swaying slightly. I reached for the nearest wall and collapsed against it, my legs barely holding me upright as I tried to regain the use of all my limbs and my muddled brain. Slowly I made my way around the room before I walked into something. I had to stumble my way over to the small light and holding it up I saw there was a table and on it was a television and dvd player with a note scrawled on it, "Turn it on."

I fumbled for the power button and brightness poured from the flat screen nearly blinding me. "Well," I thought with a small chuckle, "at least it is a plasma screen." Then a voice seemed to echo from the machine. "Purple," I was surprised, expecting to hear the voice of the Dragon Lady also known as my mother but it wasn't. It was a man I had not seen or spoken to in many years, Jason Martinez, the only man I ever loved. I felt my breath catch in my throat and it took me a moment to realize he was continuing to talk and I was missing it, only listening to the cadence of his voice, not the words. I stopped the disc and went back to where he said my name. I stopped it and looked at the screen. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes and I bit on my fist to keep from making any sound louder then a whimper of pain. Son of a bitch, what was that bastard doing with my mother?

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