The Adventures of Purple, a Harlot (part VIII) An ongoing series of fornication and frolick!  

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11/6/2005 9:58 am

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The Adventures of Purple, a Harlot (part VIII) An ongoing series of fornication and frolick!

One of the massive brutes, I heard the other one call him “Blake” (figures) grabbed my ankle. Holding my leg immobile he slide one meaty paw up my leg to my inner thigh. I quickly brought my other leg to it, closing his hand between them. He chuckled and wiggled his fingers. “I see we have a little firecracker here, even when we have her all bound up, eh Joe?”

With that Joe grabbed my ankle and together they spread my legs wide despite my efforts. So here I am, legs splayed wide, the beasts holding my ankles, tied to the bed. I was feeling pretty well, fucked and not in the good sense. My damn Mother, what exactly is this lesson I was suppose to learn, how to be like her?

I was quickly brought back to the business at hand when I felt Blake's hand creeping back up my leg. This time, unable to stop him he pressed his hand against my pussy. I knew I was a little wet due to the struggling and of course being bound. I mean there are some things that a girl just gets excited about. Unfortunately I was thinking he probably thought I was getting off on this. He stroked a finger between my lips, parting my folds and then followed his finger with his thumb, brushing it in circles across my clit. I bit my lip to keep from making a sound and turned my head so I couldn't see their eyes light in expectation as they gazed at my pussy, already slickening with moisture.

Joe's hand traveled a similar path as Blake and his fingers splayed my lips while Blake continued his stroking. By now I was having a hard time keeping quiet and I could feel my hips rising slightly from the mattress with each stroke across my clit. Then I felt the mouth on my nipple and I couldn't hold back a whimper. Joe was suckling at my breasts, one hand on my pussy the other wrapped around my breast, squeezing it so my nipple presented itself to his mouth. Damn he had nice lips and his tongue knew what to do. I was suppose to hate this fucker but I found myself warming to him in spite of myself just because he had a good mouth. What a slut...

Blake by now had two fingers deep inside me and when I raised my legs, they did nothing to stop me. In fact I felt Blake put a hand on the back of one of my thighs while the other kept stroking in and out of my now soaking pussy. With the thrusting hand and the laving tongue I knew it wouldn't be long before they brought me to orgasm. With that I felt myself arch off the mattress as my orgasm tore through me and they both ceased touching me immediately and my orgasm felt deflated as I was left without the outward stimuli. Fuckers!

They moved to kneel on each side of me. I looked up at them both and they acted like I wasn't even there. They leaned forward and starting kissing one another. Good lord, I never would have thought these two beefy (albiet) gorgeous guys were hot for each other. Well shit, I guess this was a punishment.

“Ummm excuse me, but if you would like to be alone you could untie me and let me up.” With that they both looked down at me and smiled, reaching for their cocks and began stroking.

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